AT THE CROSSROADS – leadership in the age of climate change

by Jouni Keronen and Mari Pantsar

“If we fail to mitigate the climate change on time, billions of people will suffer, having devastating effects on our economies and social peace. The book opens up the reasons for the climate change and  the way we can mitigate it. The urgency and the massive volume of needed actions – especially in ramping up investment, will challenge our governance models. There are ways for effective mitigation, but are we able to take them into use?

Dr. Jouni Keronen is the CEO of Climate Leadership Coalition, Europe’s largest climate business network. Dr. Mari Pantsar is the Director of Sustainability solutions at the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra.

Forbes reviewed the “At the Crossroads” report on September 3, 2021. George Kell states in his review: “At The Crossroads has great educational value. It is available free of charge and it is to be hoped that policymakers, business leaders, educators and laypeople will read it and absorb its message, as climate leadership has to be everybody’s concern.” View the full Forbes review here:

At the Crossroads is downloadable for free. Authors request readers consider donating to the Tiina and Antti Herlin Foundation’s Climate Fund for Children and Youth:

The opinions expressed in this publication are those of the authors. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of the Climate Leadership Coalition (CLC) or its members. CLC has published views on some topics addressed in the book and they can be found here:

At the Crossroads is the updated English version of Mari Pantsar’s and Jouni Keronen’s book Tienhaarassa, published in Finland by Docendo in 2019.

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