CLC-members Zero Emissions Day campaigns


Making future is at the heart of AFRY’s operations, and we constantly encourage our employees to make sustainable choices. Every year we e.g. participate in the Kilometrikisa cycling challenge which promotes cycling as a sustainable means of transport. In our largest offices, we offer a free morning porridge to those who have cycled to work. We also favor using public transport by offering a commute benefit. Many teams have their own pre-paid public transport tickets for common use. Our Oulu office also has common cards to use shared bicycles for work related needs within the city, while in Vantaa we provide a free ticket to public transport to clients visiting the office. In our car policy we provide a monetary support for the lease of low-emission cars.

On zero emissions day, we challenge all our employees in Finland to commute to work using their own muscle power: by bike, by foot or even by a scoot. As an incentive we offer a small surprise gift. In addition, in our own canteen we serve only vegetarian lunch options on the day.


Our team at Alexander Incentives is passionate about promoting and developing incentive scheme solutions to mitigate the climate change and material efficiency.

As an important step in this mission, we are on Zero Emission Day, launching a survey on the incorporation of climate-related targets in management and employee incentive plans. The purpose of the survey is to gain specific and valuable information that will support and assist companies, as they aim to efficiently steer toward their climate-related strategic objectives also through their incentive plans.

The survey is conducted in collaboration with the Climate Leadership Coalition.


Atea Oy will participate to Zero Emission Day campaign by sharing information and campaining on sustainable IT-devices in our eshop for corporate customers. We want to help companies to realise how to minimize the effect of IT-devices & accessories on CO2e-emissions and promote sustainable IT-devices/services/accessories.


Electricity distribution company Caruna wants to actively promote Finland’s goal of 230,000 electric cars by the year 2030. The weatherproof, smart electricity network we have constructed creates the basis for an energy system of the future, in which transportation will be electrified and consumers will become energy producers. We encourage our employees to transfer to low-emission cars, and from 1 January 2020, the CO2 emissions of Caruna’s company cars must not exceed 80g/km. In addition, we enable charging of electric cars for residents in the area by changing the parking lot of Caruna’s office building into a so-called Charging heaven. The electric car charging points intended for our personnel are available for public use outside office hours. With the Charging heaven, there are altogether 40 charging devices in use from various manufacturers, something for everyone.


ICT is an important enabler, and on Zero Emissions Day we continue to raise awareness about our climate actions reducing our carbon footprint and that of our customers.

In addition to reducing our own carbon footprint the carbon handprint when utilising mobile techonologies can have even ten times positive impact, and the services taking advantage of Elisa’s digitalisation, e.g. virtual meetings, reduce the climate burden of our customers’ operations. We also provide our customers with the efficient recycling of, and repair service for, devices as well as with new, environmentally friendly device options.

Elisa is committed to principles of UN Global Compact and as a responsible Finnish market leader, our operations are guided by continuous improvement. The reduction of carbon dioxide emissions has been part of our strategy since 2009.

Elisa was among the first Finnish companies to adopt goals prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Science Based Target initiative and confirmed as being in line with the Paris Agreement. Elisa is also one of the leading companies to have ambitious goals in line with limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees by 2025. We are committed to achieve carbon neutrality as early as during 2020.


Through our global car policy, we want actively to reduce the CO2 emission of our business car fleet and increase the share of electric vehicles. We lease as environmentally friendly cars as possible. We favor electric and hybrid cars, having benefits especially driving in a city. We recommend changing over to the cars with smaller engines when ordering new company cars.

The value of the car benefit in Finland is calculated based on the CO2 emissions of the car. This has encouraged many of our employees to choose electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. At Ensto, the average CO2 emissions of the company cars was 76 g/km in 2019.

While the number of EV’s is increasing, the need to charge the batteries of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles on Ensto premises arises as well. The charging is easily achieved as Ensto has a wide range of EV charging devices in its own offering and installed on Ensto premises. For example, Ensto headquarters’ parking place in Porvoo is one of the biggest EV charging points in Finland with 30 charging points. The charging is deducted from the salary based on the actual energy consumption instead of a lump sum payment. This makes it more beneficial for employees.

We believe in a better life with electricity and a more sustainable future. We want to do our share in building an emission-free future and enhance electric traffic.


The City of Espoo is celebrating Zero Emissions Day by encouraging local residents, our partners and our staff to take the following concrete actions:

  • choose cycling/walking and use environmental friendly mobility when travelling to work and during working hours when moving between meeting places
  • try vegetarian and vegan foods and drinks
  • recycle both at home and at work
  • reduce food waste with the tips we provide
  • to start urban farming and to favor local food
  • switch to green and renewable energy
  • promote upcycling
  • support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Espoo’s sustainable development team will share their own experiences and ideas about the above-mentioned challenges and goals during the Zero Emissions Day through the city’s various communication channels.


Helen’s strategic goal is to reach carbon neutrality by 2035, and this goal affects all operations. Helen encourages its staff to think about and reduce their emissions by:

  • Promoting environmentally friendly mobility while traveling during working hours and on business trips
  • Promoting telecommuting culture
  • WWF’s Green Office environmental management system
  • Consumer Habit Questionnaire
  • Reduce copying
  • Recycling and sorting waste
  • Finnish cycling race ”Kilometrikisa” (Helen’s own team)
  • Encouraging employees to celebrate Earth Hour

University of Helsinki

The University of Helsinki actively develops society, engenders welfare and solves global challenges. Our operations are thoroughly guided by social responsibility. We are committed to promoting sustainable development in research, teaching and public engagement. On Zero Emissions Day we highlight how these principles also guide our investment activities: we aim for a carbon-neutral portfolio and aspire to be the leading and most responsible academic investor in Europe. Income from investment is used to fund the University’s core operations, teaching and research.


Ilmarinen encourages employees to make better decisions regarding the climate and to improve their work ability. In the summer of 2019, we calculated 13,700 kg worth of savings in carbon dioxide emissions, thanks to over 100 active commuter cyclists, who cycled almost 80,000 kilometers. This summer, due to COVID-19 pandemic, our employees have been mostly working from home. Therefore, our goal in the nationwide Kilometrikisa campaign is to cycle 70,000 kilometers in total this summer. We include recreational cycling in our goal as it also reduces carbon dioxide emissions. If we achieve our goal, we will provide seasonal maintenance for the participants’ bicycles.


We have set a goal to be carbon neutral by 2025. We seek to systematically reduce emissions from our own operations, reaching zero emissions from our own operations by 2030. From 2025 onwards, we will compensate for remaining emissions from our own operations. We encourage all our suppliers, the whole supply chain, and our customers to reduce their emissions. Our objective is to have reduction targets set for two-thirds of our direct supplier emissions by 2025.

In 2019, K Group introduced a calculator that enables customers to track the carbon footprint of their food purchases made with a K-Plussa card, and make more climate-friendly choices. We challenge all K-food store customers to review their food shopping habits with the help of the carbon footprint calculator.

We encourage our employees to discover healthy, environmentally friendly ways of commuting, such as cycling, walking or running. Our new main office building K-Kampus has a dedicated bike parking area in its garage and showers, changing rooms, drying and bike maintenance facilities for commuters.


Kojamo is taking part in the Zero Emission Day 2020 by planting forest and generating new carbon sink in Finland. The amount of the forest trees planted covers the CO2 emissions generated by the whole Kojamo personnel during the Zero Emission Day office hours. During the Zero Emission Day we will communicate our stakeholders about our sustainability work to mitigate the climate change and encourage our Lumo residents for climate-conscious actions.


This year Neste is participating in the Zero Emissions Day by supporting The Children and Youth Foundation: Together we inspire young people to actions which mitigate climate change and to see the challenges related to climate change also as opportunities. Neste will give an inspirational presentation at Otaniemi High School’s Zero Emissions Day event on September 21st.


On the Zero Emissions Day, we communicate about our climate actions. Our aim is to achieve a carbon-positive handprint by 2025 i.e. be carbon negative. We also carry out activities together with our staff.


We will participate in the Zero Emissions Day by communicating to our stakeholders about our ambitious climate goal to be the first Finnish company to be carbon negative by 2025. We will also remind our customers about our climate friendly solutions like our calculator that indicates the climate impact of one´s shopping basket.


SEB is extending the Zero Emission Day into a theme week filled with activities at our office. We will arrange a digital dialogue on the latest sustainability measures on a group level, present fresh – and steeply declining – figures regarding i.a. flight miles and paper consumption, and invite external experts to discuss the up- and down-sides for carbon emissions caused by the covid-19 pandemic. Food served in the staff restaurant will be even more climate friendly than usual and food waste will be subject for close attention and screening during the week. For our staff we will create a forum to share our best tips and recipes to avoid food waste at home.


In Sitra’s personnel guidelines, emission aspects have been taken into account for a long time:

  • in all meetings and events we serve seasonal vegetarian food, preferably locally produced and organic
  • oat milk is served as an option with coffee
  • staff are instructed to travel only when necessary and even then by using low-emission options
  • in addition, the emissions generated are compensated.


The Climate Diet calculator developed by the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE helps to identify where the everyday carbon footprint is created and how it can be reduced. SYKE challenges the municipalities in the Towards carbon-neutral municipality – Hinku network once again to participate in the playful challenge, where Hinku municipalities encourage their residents to use the Climate Diet Calculator. SYKE monitors the total number of calculator users in all Hinku municipalities between September 1 and September 17, 2020. The winning municipality will be the municipality where  the calculator is used the most. The results will be announced on Zero Emissions Day. The Climate Diet calculator can be used to calculate the carbon footprint of housing, traffic, food, waste and other consumption during  one year. The calculator helps to identify where everyday emissions come from and, based on your own answers, provides selected tips for reducing your carbon footprint with concrete, small and big actions.


The City of Tampere encourages the citizens to do a test called “Climate Hero Test” during the Zero Emissions Day as well as throughout the fall of 2020. As the result of the test everyone gets her or his personal climate hero profile, which can be shared on social media. After completing the test, you can also subscribe to a newsletter that includes tips on how to reduce emissions and how to live sustainably. Sustainable prizes will be drawn among those who compile the test.´


This year we are running two campaigns. We challenge our consumer customers to return their old mobile phones and devices to Telia Stores. For functional phones, we pay in accordance with Telia Vaihtodiili, and broken devices we recycle responsibly. We also invite all Telia employees to join this recycling campaign. Additionally, we raise awareness about environmental and climate benefits among the companies when they choose a device as a service instead of owning the device.

With our Daring Goals environmental ambition, we are committed to being ZERO CO2 with zero waste, not only within our own operations but throughout the value chain by 2030. Our climate-friendly personnel policy encourages the transition from their own vehicles to public ones. We moved to the centrally located new headquarters in Tripla with excellent public transport connections and provided all employees in the metropolitan area 300 euros for public transport. In addition, we recommend using a video or telephone primarily in internal meetings all over Finland instead of traveling. We train Telia employees to take an active part in solving environmental challenges both at work and in their spare time, and we enable them to do good during working hours in the YOUNITE volunteer program. Also, every Telia employee has a requirement to agree on a personal goal related to sustainability.


University of Turku is a forerunner in sustainable development and aims at actively promoting climate-friendly operational culture for its staff and students.

Daily food choices have a significant effect on carbon footprint. The Flavoria® research environment and a lunch restaurant offers excellent opportunities to study the role of consumer behavior, experiences and multisensory environment in sustainable food choices. University of Turku will celebrate the Zero Emissions Day in Flavoria® via raising awareness about the importance of climate-friendly everyday food choices for our staff, students and stakeholders.

The Flavoria® research environment and a lunch restaurant offers excellent opportunities to study the role of consumer behavior, experiences and multisensory environment in sustainable food choices.


On Zero Emissions Day, we are organizing a bicycle servicing day on the yard of our headquarters. A mobile bicycle service will service bikes during the working day for employees who have reserved an appointment, and we are supporting the service with part of the price.

Vaisala encourages its staff to take climate-friendly action in the following ways (among others):

  • We promote environmentally-friendly commuting by offering parking, personal lockers and changing rooms to cyclists, participating in the Finnish cycling race Kilometrikisa with Vaisala’s own team, supporting the personnel bicycle club and enabling the use of our sport and cultural benefit to pay for public transit tickets
  • We promote remote working culture by using tools that make working from home smoother
  • We are committed to WWF’s Green Office environmental program
  • We promote environmentally-friendly lunches by expanding the selection of vegetarian meals and serving meeting lunches as vegetarian versions


On Zero Emissions Day Varma runs a campaign highlighting their targets and actions for mitigating climate change. Varma has set ambitious targets and is developing its portfolio towards carbon
neutrality in 2020–2035.

Varma’s employees are encouraged to commute to work using public transport or other active commuting modes. The ePassi benefit can be used to purchase an HSL commuter ticket, and good facilities are available to cyclists. To the joy of our cyclists, we have also regularly ordered the Yeply mobile bicycle repair shop to our yard. The emission limits of our company cars are inspected regularly, in addition to which we have a related compensation model to encourage employees to opt for a low-emission car. The parking facilities at Varma’s Salmisaari office also has a charging system that can accommodate 240 electric and hybrid vehicles. Even before spring, when the coronavirus hit, Varma had good teleworking practices in place, which naturally lowers the emissions from work commutes.


Electric vehicles play a significant role in reducing emissions of mobility and therefore VTT will organize the VTT Sip of Science discussion on batteries of electric vehicles on the Zero Emissions Day: VTT’s experts discuss about sufficiency, recyclability and production of battery materials. The open event will be broadcasted live on the internet on 21st September at 2:00 pm. The event is in Finnish.