Atea participates in Zero Emissions Day by challenging all of its approximately 500 employees to use emission-free means to get to work, shops and hobbies on the day (or the whole week!) and to share their photos and stories on social media using the hashtags #Nollapäästöpäivä and #ZeroEmissionsDay. A page that encourages people to adopt a climate-friendly diet will be published on Atea’s intranet, with tips on climate-friendly ready meals and delicious vegetarian recipes. Atea has been involved in the Finnish Red Cross’s Ketjureaktio campaign since 2013 and this year is no exception; almost 18,000 kilometers had been accumulated in the Kilometrikisa challenge by mid-August!

As the ICT sector plays a significant role in terms of emissions, we also challenge our customers and other stakeholders to choose responsibly produced equipment and to recycle their current devices when they approach the end of their life cycle. In our eshop, responsibly produced hardware feature on the front page, and we have drawn up a guide for the acquisition of sustainable IT equipment. We will also send an email about Zero Emissions Day to our customers during that week.

Since it is not possible to create sustainable business models alone, we contact IT buyers in the Nordic countries using the annual Atea Sustainability Focus survey to ensure that we have a say in the creation and development of sustainable operating models for the IT sector.


Ensto will inform its staff and stakeholders about the Zero Emissions Day event organized by CLC. The staff will also be provided with information about Ensto’s climate efforts in different countries.


Fortum’s heat pump unit in Suomenoja has three industrial-scale heat pumps that generate climate-friendly district heat. They recover the waste heat that comes from treated wastewater from Espoo residents and replace fossil fuel-based heat production as a result. The third heat pump, the largest in Finland, was commissioned in summer 2021, and it will increase the share of carbon-neutral heat production to 50 percent. The heat pump unit produces about 25 percent of customers’ district heat in Espoo, Kauniainen and Kirkkonummi.

On Zero Emissions Day, 21 September, we will invite Otaniemi energy technology students to visit Suomenoja to tell them about the plant, heat pumps, heat accumulators and ways to make the production of district heat completely carbon neutral during the 2020s (more information: Visits will be organized outdoors and in a COVID-safe manner.


Ilmarinen encourages its employees to make better decisions when choosing how to move around. In summer 2020, we calculated that we managed to reduce carbon emissions by a total of 12,400 kg thanks to the more than 100 active commuters who cycled over 70,000 kilometers as part of the Kilometrikisa campaign. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our employees have mostly worked from home this summer.  In our calculations, we also include any kilometers cycled for leisure as this also reduces carbon emissions and improves work ability. Our goal for this year’s Kilometrikisa campaign is to cycle a total of 75,000 kilometers. If we achieve our goal, we will offer a bicycle service to Ilmarinen employees. Our employees also have the opportunity to acquire a company bicycle, and we encourage them to take part in a fun “walk the distance” competition in teams.


On Zero Emissions Day 2021, we will be informing people about the measures we take against climate change. Our goal is to be carbon neutral by 2025. We will systematically reduce emissions from our operations so that they will be emission free by 2030, and we will offset the remaining emissions from our operations from 2025 onwards. We encourage all our suppliers, our entire supply chain, and our customers to take action to reduce emissions. Our goal is to have reduction targets in place for two-thirds of our direct suppliers’ emissions by 2025.

We have introduced a carbon footprint calculator, which allows every shopper who uses the Plussa card to monitor the carbon footprint of their food shopping and to make better climate choices. We challenge all shoppers in K-supermarkets to monitor the contents of their shopping basket by using the carbon footprint calculator.


Kojamo is committed to using carbon-neutral energy in its entire housing stock by 2030 as well as to achieving annual emission reduction targets. On Zero Emissions Day, we will inform our stakeholders about our current climate actions that promote sustainable urban living, and we encourage our staff to push themselves hard in the Kilometrikisa challenge. We also encourage our employees to take care of their well-being and exercise in a sustainable way by providing support such as exercise vouchers, shared bicycles, and various sporting events. We have been participating in the Kilometrikisa campaign since 2018, putting our hearts into pedaling against climate change.


Sustainability is a key part of Neste’s day-to-day operations. We are committed to combating climate change and promoting circular economy. We are helping our customers to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions with our renewable and circular economy solutions by a minimum of 20 million tons of CO2eq per year by 2030. We are also committed to making our production operations carbon neutral by 2035.

Neste will be part of Zero Emissions Day, and will attend the panel discussion at the Zero Emissions Day event organized by CLC in Lahti on 21 September. We also encourage our employees to participate in the Hour for the Climate discussions.


We are organizing a Zero Emissions Day event with CLC, which we will be promoting in our channels.

S Group

Our ambitious goal is to be carbon negative in terms of our own operations by the end of 2025. All the electricity we use is already renewable, and we are the biggest producer of solar power in Finland.

We are also a considerable producer of wind power. Our largest wind farm to date will be completed by the end of 2021, and it will provide 60 percent of the electricity that we use. Also, we already have about one hundred zero-emission sites.

We have invited our suppliers of goods and services to work to reduce their carbon emissions. We aim to save one million tons of emissions by the end of 2030.

We keep our staff and other stakeholders up to date on our climate efforts by means such as reporting on our goals and actions in our supermarkets. We also help our customers to make climate-smart choices. For example, they can use the carbon footprint calculator in our Omat ostot service, launched on a previous Zero Emissions Day, to monitor the climate impact of their shopping basket.

Saint Gobain Finland

In the Zero Emissions Day we communicate our climate actions as part of the World Green Building Week -campaign. Our goal is to be carbon neutral company in 2035 in Finland. 


SEB will extend Zero Emissions Day into an entire week, during which we will organize events and information sessions in our office. We have invited our partner BSAG to our in-house climate discussion hour, which will focus on the Baltic Sea and climate work as well as collaboration between various parties. We are also organizing a customer event in which SEB’s Chief Sustainability Strategist will present a summary of the IPCC report results published in August. We give our staff advice every day on new products, training courses and media that increase their knowledge and awareness of both the bank’s sustainability efforts and the importance of every individual’s actions to combat climate change.


Sitra will participate in the Zero Emissions Day event in Lahti, by telling about the Life Style test. 


The Climate diet calculator developed by SYKE, the Finnish Environment Institute, helps people to identify where their carbon footprint comes from and how it can be reduced. Zero Emissions Day is a great opportunity to encourage people in the Hinku network of carbon-neutral municipalities to move towards low-carbon consumption and to raise everyone’s awareness of the Climate diet calculator. SYKE monitors the total number of calculator users in all the municipalities in the network for the month of September. The results will be published on Zero Emissions Day on 21 September 2021. The most active municipalities will be highlighted in SYKE’s communications. The use of the calculator will continue to be promoted in the Hinku municipalities after Zero Emissions Day.

The Climate diet calculator:

Household consumption plays a very important role in emissions generated in Finland, accounting for 66 percent of Finland’s consumption-based emissions in 2015. The carbon footprint of Finnish households was 60 million tons of carbon dioxide in 2016. The carbon footprint was 12% higher than in 2000, largely due to an increase in consumer spending. The Climate diet calculator helps people take note of the choices and habits that can help them to achieve the biggest emission reductions in their daily lives.

City of Tampere

The City of Tampere encourages its residents to use a carbon footprint calculator to monitor the climate impact of their travelling to places for at least a week.

If they wish to continue using the calculator, they can continue to benefit by moving around in a sustainable manner on a monthly basis. The calculator (Liikkumisen hiilijalanjälkesi) can be found in the free Tampere.Finland app. Download the app: Tampere.Finland app – Visit Tampere

Tampere University

Tampere University takes part in Zero Emissions Day by launching a survey of its climate researchers and their areas of special expertise. The aim is to publish a list of the university’s multidisciplinary climate research efforts in autumn 2021. This will allow various organizations to utilize the expertise of our researchers in climate and emissions-related issues more efficiently.

Tampere University brings together research and education in technology, health, and society. We create solutions for climate change, safeguarding the natural environment and enhancing well-being and sustainability in societies. Tampere University is committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2030.


On Zero Emissions Day, we are organizing bicycle maintenance on the yard at our headquarters. A mobile bicycle service will service bikes during the working day for employees who have reserved an appointment, and we are supporting the service with part of the price. We also encourage our employees to have climate-related discussions with their colleagues and we will share interesting links during the week. From these discussions we can gather feedback on what kinds of climate topics our employees wish to have help with. This way, we can ensure that our climate and environment activities are well targeted also in the future.


At Valio, we know the climate and environmental impacts of milk production, and it is our responsibility to significantly reduce them. Our goal is to have a zero-carbon footprint for milk in Finland by 2035. The goal is ambitious but achievable if we work together. Dairy farmers and the agriculture sector are part of the solution to climate change. We also encourage all Valio employees to make sustainable choices.

On Zero Emissions Day, Valio’s team for carbon-neutral milk production challenges every Valio co-worker to make all work-related trips on that day using either muscle power or low-emission vehicles. We challenge all people in Finland to produce zero food waste that day and to recycle all waste and packaging materials that they generate on the day.

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

Our experts had an Hour for the Climate discussion, which was also recorded. The discussion can be found here. (Only in Finnish)