CLC’s theme groups provide members with opportunities to network, learn from each other and hear about latest research, methods and international developments.

Each theme group meets 4–6 times per year. Meetings usually include one or more presentations from guest speakers as well as lively discussion among members.

Teleconferencing is provided for those members who join the meetings from a longer distance. Each meeting is hosted by a different member organisation.

Carbon handprint and footprint

The aim of the Carbon footprint and handprint theme group is to follow the national and international programs/initiatives to decrease carbon emissions and contribute & share good practises in carbon quantification, mitigation and communication.

Focus areas

  • Follow international initiatives including product environmental footprint (PEF)
  • Share the developments of product carbon handprint approach to company level
  • Share good practices in carbon quantification (footprint and handprint), mitigation and communication
  • International lobbying of carbon handprint approach
  • National lobbying of including carbon metrics to public procurement criteria

Circular economy

The Circular Economy (CE) group exists to help CLC-members discover circular business opportunities & implement CE business models by offering information, support and new initiatives to take part in as well as a forum for peer sparring and dialogue.

Focus areas

  • Business case for circular economy
  • Circular economy as a way to cut emissions
  • Circular economy enablers, e.g. taxing & legislation

Civic engagement

The objective of the Civic engagement theme group is to encourage citizens to reduce their carbon footprints. The group’s main activity each year is to organise Zero Emissions Day on 21 September.

Focus areas

  • Further develop Zero Emissions Day concept and increase its effectiveness (schools, work places and sports)


The Construction theme group focuses on new solutions and assessment methods for low carbon building.

Focus areas

  • Find relevant initiatives and projects
  • Support CLC members to take in use and develop easy-to-use tools by sharing information about potentials and about available methods and tools
  • Support CLC members and others in ambitious target setting and in selection of innovative low-carbon solutions by searching and sharing information about successful cases and benefits


The Energy theme group focuses on advancing a smart, flexible and low-carbon Nordic energy market.

Focus areas

  • Introduction of new research and innovations related to smart and flexible energy market


The Finance theme group aims to support CLC’s member companies’ efforts to apply TCFD in their reporting and daily work.


The Forest theme group focuses on accelerating the development of forest carbon measurement and accounting platform (called Biocarbon Monitoring Platform). Other focus areas include forest offsets and related market-based instruments, as well as sustainability and consumer/end user perspectives.

Focus areas

  • Development of data and monitoring / Biocarbon Monitoring Platform, carbon measurement, carbon accounting in construction
  • Forest offsets and related market-based instruments
  • Consumer / end user perspectives
  • Sustainability, regulatory framework


Focus areas

  • Support other CLC-activities with the ICT based enablers (such as IoT, Blockchain, AI, Analytics,  Cryptoanchors)
  • Defining digital enablers for elastic demand of energy, carbon management and circular economy


The objectives of the Transport group are to help CLC-members to jointly develop and offer solutions for reducing carbon emissions from transport and traffic.

Focus areas

  • Create Pan-Nordic platform(s) for testing and implementing clean, carbon-neutral transport solutions
  • Create common targets and a co-Nordic market for biofuels
  • Support the advance of electric transport and its infrastructure integration with the common electricity system

Interested in joining?

CLC’s theme groups are open to all personnel of CLC member organisations. If you would like to join one or more theme groups, please contact Anna Gaib (anna.gaib at