CLC has three on-going long-term flagship projects:
1) Civic engagement and proactive procurement,
2) Effective carbon pricing and
3) Nature-based solutions to climate change.

Civic engagement and proactive procurement

Choices made by households amount to as much as 66 per cent of Finland’s consumption-based carbon footprint. This is why CLC has chosen civic engagement and proactive procurement as one of our key focus areas. A key effort in this area is the annual Zero-emission Day on 21 September, which highlights the role of schools and businesses in enabling more climate-friendly choices for consumers. The 2018 Zero Emissions Day was our biggest to-date, with 25 member companies participating. The role of consumers was also highlighted in our two events focusing on sports and climate change – one organised in Helsinki and one in the UN Climate Conference in Katowice.

To support the flagship project CLC has set up a top-management think tank focusing on civic engagement and public procurement. The think tank is led by Mr Taavi Heikkilä, CEO of the S-group and Ms Minna Arve, mayor of Turku.

Effective carbon pricing

CLC works to encourage the EU to develop a more systemic solution. Key measures include extending and strengthening the emission trading system (ETS). Achieving a more long-termist approach and improving the predictability of climate policy are also paramount in order to fully support and encourage large-scale investments to decarbonisation.

In 2018 CLC together with its counterparts in Sweden, Norway and Denmark drafted a call out to demand more ambitious climate policy in the EU. The call-out details three key objectives for EU leaders:

  • Set a target for achieving net-zero emissions at the latest by 2050 or earlier taking the IPCC findings into account.
  • Based on the targets, agree on a binding carbon budget for the remaining GHG emissions.
  • Revise and align the 2030 and 2040 targets with the net-zero target.

The call-out was originally signed by Peter Damgaard Jensen, CEO of PKA, Jorma Ollila, Former Chairman of Nokia Corporation and Royal Dutch Shell, Odd Arild Grefstad, CEO of Storebrand Group, Marcus Wallenberg, Chairman of SEB, Henrik Ehrnrooth, Chairman of CLC, Nina Ekelund, Executive Director of Haga Initiative, Christian Ibsen, CEO of CONCITO and Marius Holm, CEO of Zero. Signatories now include more than 100 Nordic companies and organisations.

View the full call out

Nature-based solutions to climate change

The role of carbon sinks in forests and agricultural lands is crucial in climate change mitigation, and was further highlighted by the IPCC report.

CLC is working together with Pöyry Management Consulting to set up a research project to create a solid and accurate, satellite-based system for calculating forest carbon sinks. Such a system is, in CLC’s view, a necessary prerequisite for including natural carbon sinks or forest-based offsets in the EU ETS.

To support and speed up this initiative, CLC operates a Forest theme group and is setting up a top-management think tank. The theme group is led by Mr Petteri Pihlajamäki, Director, Pöyry Management Consulting and the think tank by Mr Karl-Henrik Sundström, CEO, Stora-Enso.