The Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK)

MTK is an interest organization representing farmers, forest owners and rural entrepreneurs in Finland. We have over 314 000 members in local agricultural producers’ organisations and regional forest management associations. All of the occupations and businesses of our members are based on renewable natural resources and their utilisation in a sustainable way.

Climate change is a global problem. There is hope that the temperature rise can be limited to 1.5 degrees if emissions are reduced in an ambitious way and if goal-oriented measures are carried out to sequester carbon in plants and the soil.

Agriculture and forestry hold the keys to resolving the problem of climate change. Forests and fields are the most significant carbon sequesters by active management for growing biomass. According to Statistics Finland, forests and wood products sequester about half of the greenhouse gas emissions in our country. Carbon sequestration by plants and the soil can be boosted, greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced, and domestic food and wood production can be safeguarded with sustainable agricultural and forestry practices.

In Finland, the greatest impacts of climate change are felt in sectors that are based on renewable resources and biodiversity, i.e. on agricuture and forestry in particular. Therefore, our sector’s ability to adapt to the impacts of climate change must be strengthened. Adaptation is also a precondition for sustainable measures to mitigate climate change.

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