Stopping climate change is the greatest challenge of our time. It is also perhaps the greatest business opportunity of our time. Demand for low-carbon solutions is global, it is enormous, and it is increasing.

Companies and organisations that are able to take the lead in climate action have the best competitive edge. One of CLC’s founding principles is to improve our members’ climate leadership.

CLC challenges offer ways to step up your organisation’s climate performance in concrete, measurable ways. The gauntlet is thrown. Will you accept the challenge?

How CLC challenges work

CLC challenges are a great way to ramp up your organisation’s climate performance while benefiting from the support of CLC’s unparallelled peer network.

Challenges may differ somewhat depending on their topic. However, they all follow the same basic structure:

1. They are a group effort. CLC gathers a group of member organisations that work together supporting each other along the way. There is a wealth of climate expertise and experience in our network, and challenges are a great way to learn from each other.

2. They have a set schedule and a deadline for completion. This ensures that all committed organisations finish what they started. With our support all the way. The schedule is defined by the group of organisations participating in the challenge.

3. They produce measurable results. After all, you can only manage what you can measure.

4. They are designed to help our members increase their climate leadership and competitive edge.

5. Challenge participants and the results of the challenge are presented on the CLC website.

6. Challenges are open to CLC members. Interested in joining? Contact Jouni Keronen (jouni.keronen at

Current challenges

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