CLC spring meeting: How to become a climate leader

Companies can play a crucial role in the fight against climate change. Helping companies and organisations improve their climate leadership is an important part of CLC’s mission. Our annual spring meeting focused on three key tools for systematic climate strategy, business development and reporting: TCFD, science-based targets and carbon handprint. They were presented through cases... Continue Reading →

CLC proposal for the Finnish government programme regarding the development of carbon sinks

As climate change accelerates and its impacts strengthen, actions within all sectors need to be fast tracked. This proposal supplements our former proposal regarding the development of carbon sinks, in which we have already noted: “Sufficiently strong market-based incentives are not in place to attract the development of new carbon sinks and material substitutions. In... Continue Reading →

CLC:n ehdotus hallitusohjelmaan koskien hiilinielujen kehittämistä

Kun ilmastonmuutos kiihtyy ja vaikutukset voimistuvat, on kaikkien sektorien ilmastotoimia nopeutettava. Toimet hiilensidontapotentiaalin osalta ovat nykyisellään vajaakäytössä ja tältä osin CLC:n hallitus täydentää aiempaa hallitusohjelmaehdotustaan.  Aiemmassa ehdotuksessamme todetaan: "Hiilinielujen ja materiaalisubstituutioiden lisäämiseen ei ole tällä hetkellä riittäviä markkinapohjaisia ratkaisuja. Jotta 1,5 C asteen tavoite voidaan saavuttaa, EU tarvitsee kattavaa, systeemistä ilmastopolitiikan ratkaisua, joka kattaa vähennysten lisäksi myös... Continue Reading →

Neste, NunnaUuni, and Wärtsilä awarded for reducing black carbon emissions

The Climate Leadership Coalition, the Bioenergy Association of Finland, the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) and the Central Association of Chimney Sweeps organised a campaign and innovation competition to find scalable black carbon reduction solutions during 2018-2019. The competition searched for solutions that will decrease and eliminate black carbon emissions in domestic burning and industrial processes and are can be applied also internationally.

Letter to the EU Heads of states

Dear Heads of State and Government, ahead the “Future of Europe Summit” in Sibiu on 9 May 2019, we would like to inform you about our call regarding climate targets for EU. On June 13, 2018 a group of Nordic organisations called on the EU and its Member States to make the European Union Paris Agreement-proof, by setting and agreeing on new, sufficiently ambitious climate targets.

Employee experience and climate

Workplaces play a significant role in shaping up daily routines. Personnel benefits and company policies to do with things such as travel, transport and meals can influence our daily choices in a major way.

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