P2X challenge

Climate Leadership Coalition (CLC) has initiated a Power-to-X challenge aimed at bringing industrial scale P2X projects to the pre-engagement phase.

P2X will have an essential role in making energy systems and industrial production emission free. The basic idea of P2X technology is to convert electricity into another form of energy and, if necessary, back to electricity. It can be applied to the production of synthetic fuels, chemicals and edible proteins among other things.

The P2X challenge will be implemented through a Sector Integration theme group set up by CLC. Sector integration is one of the key ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in transport, industrial processes and in the heating of individual buildings. In sector integration, new links are formed between the energy consumption and energy production sectors in which the use of clean energy plays a key role. Clean hydrogen production and new bioeconomy and circular economy solutions are also important elements in sector integration.

The challenge aims to bring industrial scale P2X projects to the pre-engagement phase in the following areas:

  • the production of clean hydrogen and synthetic fuels
  • the production of low-carbon metals
  • the production of synthetic food
  • the production of synthetic fertilisers

As the first concrete step, CLC and its members and networks will start to develop a joint Power-to-Fuel project to produce a synthetic fuel in Finland for the needs of the transport sector.

Organisations can join the CLC P2X challenge and Sector Integration theme group by notifying the group facilitator, Juha Turkki, Development Director, at juha.turkki@clc.fi