Varma provides pension insurance for work carried out in Finland. We are a mutual company, owned by our customers.

Responsibility is part of Varma’s strategy. For us, responsible operations means, above all, securing solvency, high-quality implementation of pension provision and supporting workability. Responsibility is an integral part of our investment operations and ownership practices.

Mitigating climate change is one of our key responsibility targets. We bear responsibility for climate change in our investment portfolio, our supply chain and our operations alike.
Climate change is one of the most critical factors that investors must prepare for. It has substantial financial, social and environmental implications for current and future generations.

We have ambitious targets for achieving a smaller carbon footprint in various asset classes. We aim for our investments to be in line with the two-degree target agreed on at the Paris climate conference.

The Climate Leadership Coalition is a great opportunity for us to increase our collaboration and engagement in climate issues.