The University of Turku is a multidisciplinary, versatile and active academic community of 25,000 students and employees. We are an international research university, offer and develop high-quality Finnish degree education, and have a strong influence in Southwest Finland. Our thematic collaborations in research are biofuture, digital futures, cultural memory and societal change, children, young people and learning, drug development and diagnostics, and sea and maritime studies.

For the University of Turku, joining the CLC is part of the strategic research theme in biofuture. The initiative expands the research theme and involves societal interaction and business collaboration in a new way.

The thematic collaboration in biofuture is based on strong research in bioenergy and photosynthesis, food production and safety, functional foods, and futures research.

Only with multidisciplinary research co-operation crossing the boundaries between scientific disciplines and together with local CLC partners, such as Raisio, Turku Energia and the City of Turku, can we build a sustainable and carbon neutral future. Furthermore, consumption habits should quickly become more sustainable as natural resources cannot sustain the current rate of consumption. In addition to the environment, sustainable consumption is also beneficial from a social and economic point of view and it requires a multidisciplinary approach to succeed. The CLC’s contacts to international companies, researchers and decision-makers offer our researchers, teachers, and partner companies new opportunities for scientific and commercial initiatives.