Turku Energia and its predecessors have lighted and heated homes, factories and offices on the banks of the River Aura for over a century, since 1898. Over the years, we have taken an active role in the local community and have become a part of the everyday life of the inhabitants of Turku and the surrounding areas.

Turku Energia is the leading power supplier in Southwest Finland and one of the largest companies in the Finnish energy sector. We are committed to developing the energy sector and to acting as a pioneer in the field. We provide our customers with energy services that promote a clean environment, good quality of life and competitiveness. In 2018, our turnover was 258.7 million euros, and we employ around 340 professionals. Our customer promise is “We are nearby, but see far ahead”. We are committed to leading and developing our business responsibly. We do our part every day to achieve a cleaner energy conscience, and we also help our clients to do theirs.

Our energy services include electrical energy and the distribution of electricity, district heating, district cooling and steam, as well as network contracting and maintenance services for power grids, outdoor lighting and traffic lights. The group’s subsidiary company Turku Energia Sähköverkot Oy builds, maintains and uses its own power grid in the Turku region. Turun Seudun Kaukolämpö Oy transfers district heat from production facilities to distribution points.

In addition to providing energy services, we aim to reduce the environmental effects of our operations by focusing on activities with local impact. Improving environmental concerns is done by continuously monitoring our activities as well as by implementing a comprehensive three-year environmental programme. The goals of our environmental programme are in the use of renewable energy, reducing emissions, increasing energy efficiency, reducing the environmental impact of our operations, as well as increasing environmental communications.

50 % of the electricity and heat sold by Turku Energia is currently produced using renewable energy sources, and we have set our future goals high. Turku Energia strives systematically to increase environmentally friendly energy production. A large role in reaching our goals is played by the Turun Seudun Energiantuotanto Oy multi-fuel power plant in Naantali, which was completed at the end of 2017. The power plant covers the basic production of the district heating of the Turku area, alongside producing electricity.

Turku Energia has been using wind power as an energy source since 1998 through the affiliated company Hyötytuuli. Wind power is procured from Pori, Raahe, Kimitoön, Teuva, Vöyri, and a couple of other smaller wind power plants.

Turku Energia also has hydropower holdings in both Finland and Norway. We are shareholders in Kolsin Voima Oy, whose hydroelectric power stations are located in Kokemäenjoki and Kymijoki. Additionally, Turku Energia is a shareholder of the Norwegian Svartisen Holding AS.

Turku Energia collaborates with solar energy system supplier Areva Solar Oy by selling and installing solar panel packages for consumer and business customers.

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