St1 is a Finnish energy company whose vision is to be the leading producer and seller of CO2-aware energy. Its goal is to reduce fossil energy imports by gradually replacing them with domestically produced forms of renewable energy. The cornerstone of St1’s operations is its strong distribution network for liquid fuels in Finland, Sweden and Norway. This also enables increasing investments in renewable energy, such as the manufacture of bioethanol for traffic use from various waste and residues, as well as wind power and geothermal heat production.

St1 is building Finnish world-class expertise in the use of renewable energy. As a responsible company, by its own example St1 wants to encourage other Finnish companies to tackle the global climate challenge. This requires new innovations and a wide range of solutions – even small steps in the right direction are important.

Sustainably produced biofuels are a fast way to reduce CO2 emissions from traffic. The targets for renewable energy pave the way for increasing bioethanol production. St1’s goal is to build significant ethanol production capacity in Finland and to export its production technology to international markets.

Renewable alternatives are also needed in power and heat production. St1’s associated company TuuliWatti, Finland’s leading producer of clean wind power, continues to build more wind power parks. St1 also regards geothermal heat production as a promising sector.

St1 Biofuels uses its patented technology to produce almost carbon-neutral bioethanol for transport from household and food industry waste and residues. The company also continues to develop its ethanol production technology and explore new raw material sources outside the food chain. St1 Biofuels will build its first sawdust-to-ethanol plant in Kajaani in 2016.

In Espoo, St1 is running a pilot project in geothermal heat production that may lead to the creation of an entirely new, emission-free district heat production method.