Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund, is a future fund that collaborates with partners from different sectors to research, trial and implement bold new ideas that shape the future. Our aim is a Finland that succeeds as a pioneer in sustainable well-being.

The way we live, travel, eat and do business is undergoing a radical change. The new everyday life will be based on using services instead of owning things. Finland can be a trailblazer for a new society based on a sustainable economy.

The transition towards a carbon-neutral circular economy, however, does not happen all by itself, it calls for new kinds of business models and co-operation across sectors. Companies have a crucial role in this transition. Unless we act against climate change in time, the damages and lost opportunities will generate multiple costs for Finland than mitigation would cost now. We are already in a hurry.

Mitigation of climate change offers huge opportunities for business. Combining the digital revolution with the circular economy and clean technology will enable Finnish companies together to create new kinds of solutions for the global demand.

Sitra promotes the transition of Finland towards a carbon-neutral circular economy. In January 2018, Sitra was honoured as a leading driver of the circular economy. In its own actions, Sitra has been carbon-neutral since 2016, right on time before Finland celebrated its 100th birthday and Sitra its 50th anniversary.

We aim at a fair and sustainable future, in other words, the next era of well-being. Come and join us in successful co-operation!