Porvoon Energia is no giant amongst energy companies, since we come from a fairly small city carrying the same name. Nevertheless, size has not stopped us from achieving something exceptional. We have fulfilled the environmental requirements for energy production set out by EU for year 2050, decades in advance.

Being emission free was not anything our founding fathers dreamt of year 1900. Today the greatest part of hazardous greenhouse gas emissions derives from producing and consuming energy. Therefore, we want to do our utmost to create a visible ecological handprint.

In other words, we want to produce the kind of energy solutions that ensure a cleaner future not only for the people of Porvoo, but for all of Finland.

We’re proud to sell only 100 % renewable, emissionless energy qualified by Guarantees of Origin. We also produce and sell sustainable EKOenergy, which is the only international ecolabel of electricity. It’s administered by The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (FANC).