L&T is a service company that is transforming the consumer society into an efficient recycling society. L&T’s net sales in 2015 amounted to EUR 646.3 million, and it employs 8,000 people. L&T has operations in Finland, Sweden, and Russia, and the company is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.

We want to be a leader in the circular economy and contribute to the creation of a recycling society with our services that improve material, energy and cost efficiency. The reduction of CO2 emissions—both our own and those of our customers—is an integral component of our strategy and business operations.Our services help our customers conserve virgin natural resources and mitigate climate change by replacing virgin raw materials with secondary raw materials and fossil fuels with biofuels and solid recovered fuel.Going forward, we must find ways to rise up in the waste hierarchy, for example, by refining secondary raw material to a greater extent. We will actively pursue new logistical solutions that promote the circular economy and the sharing economy, both at the consumer interface and the business-to-business interface, and develop services related to remanufacturing, maintenance, repair and demolition operations. We will also investigate opportunities related to promoting biological circulation and nutrient recovery.