We are a property investment company that operates according to a long-term strategy and actively aims to develop the field of rental housing. We listen to our customers and develop sustainable housing services, with our car-share concept as a great example.

Our operations are based on providing a diverse range of safe, high-quality rental housing. We create value through our operations for all of our stakeholders.

We are guided by our Group values and the operating principles: Good Governance, Ethical Code, Personnel and Data Security Policy, Procurement Policy and Fair Rental Practice. We renew rental housing to make it increasingly attractive by developing new types of homes and services. The solutions promote work-related mobility in urbanising Finland, increase well-being and help preserve the environment.

We are constantly looking into new trends in sustainable housing, and work in a service-oriented manner to support high-quality housing for our tenants and to increase the number of rental apartments available. An extensive range of rental apartments and adequate production of new high-quality housing all serve to benefit a home seeker and increase their freedom of choice.

We want to operate responsibly with respect to the climate, environment, customers and personnel. In this way, we further at the same time profitable finances, with the help of which we grow our own offering over the long term.

Kojamo’s core mission, to develop better urban housing, is strongly based on responsibility and sustainable business operations. All our strategic focal points are based on our responsibility to our stakeholders. We want to take part in creating a high-quality, sustainable, healthy and comfortable living environment for all city residents. We believe that significantly increasing the supply of rental apartments in the growth centres supports the vitality and commercial attractiveness of cities and hence the well-being of the entire society.

One of our strategic objectives is to be a forerunner in sustainable development and corporate responsibility. We want to have an impact on other actors as well, so that together we can create better urban living. For a long time, we have taken effective and measurable actions resulting, for example, in increased efficiency of our properties’ relative electricity, heat and water use and improved customer experience. Our own anti-grey economy operating models exceed legislative requirements in many respects. The Lumo brand is one of the most valued and well-known brands in rental housing.