Sustainability is an integral part of Ilmarinen: it is one of our values and part of our daily activities as a provider of statutory pension cover. It is also an essential part of Ilmarinen’s daily management of investment assets. Responsible investment means that we take into consideration not only economic aspects, but also environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues in investment decision-making.

CLC co-operation offers Ilmarinen a new opportunity to increase information exchange with companies and other investors with regard to climate change issues. We approach climate change through carbon risks and their management, and wish to be part of building a cleaner investment environment. Our stakeholders expect Ilmarinen to be open about the assessment of and exposure to climate risks.

In our view, climate risks will affect investment returns in the foreseeable future, for instance, through legislative amendments or as direct climate impacts. Climate risks will also result in avoidance of certain investees.

Each year, a carbon footprint calculation is carried out on our direct equity portfolio and we assess the climate risks of our investments.