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Disruption Series: Energy

01.12.2020 @ 15:45 - 16:45

Key outcomes: The energy disruption is not a singular event that would occur independently of other societal disruptions; it affects the other disruptions and is affected by them. When the energy system changes, the new pathways of societal evolution will emerge. The session seeks to explore the unknowns and the emerging changes with a view to discuss how societies, and the Finnish society in particular, can and should prepare itself for future changes and uncertainties. Which are the key technologies? How will energy markets change? What will the repercussions be in production and consumption? What other societal institutions, systems and structures need to change as a consequence of the energy disruption?

Host: The webinar is organized together with the Finnish El-tran consortium..

Keynote – PhD. Research Fellow Adam Dorr (RethinkX)

Panel discussion

Professor Pami Aalto, University of Tampere

Professor Eva Heiskanen, University of Helsinki

Director Jukka Leskelä, Finnish Energy

Director of Strategy and Business Development, Matti Rautkivi, Wärtsilä


15:45 - 16:45
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