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VVO-Group plc is Finland’s largest market-based, private sector landlord, offering versatile and effortless rental services coupled with an extensive range of housing services. VVO Group is a reliable and responsible owner of rental properties with a long-term approach to ownership, and is an active developer of rental housing. Corporate social and environmental responsibility is integrated in the strategy and daily work of VVO.

Global warming is one of the biggest changes of our time. It’s prevention represents an important area of future oriented work in all companies irrespective of their field. In order to integrate climate work in VVO’s core business, we view it as a genuine standpoint in our R&D. We are happy to be part of CLC so as to imporve further in preventing global warming and thus building even better apartments in the future.
Values drive global change and environmental concerns are topical now perhaps more than ever. By renting apartments that have a low carbon footprint we support the wellbeing of both the environment and people wanting to support the environment by their choices.
We carried out our first low energy apartment house project in 2009, and our planning instructions are continually up dated with the newest energy efficient solutions. In the daily use of our apartment houses, we focus on healthy living conditions and overall energy efficiency. Our maintenance processes have been reorganised within the past five years, and as a result VVO now specializes in the know how regarding new housing techniques and the efficient usability of buildings. New age recycling rooms and communal cars, among others, are concrete examples of our eco friendly housing services. In addition, we work in cooperation with our clients and help them in energy efficiency. We support them in the sustainable use of energy and water and motivate them towards better recycling.
  • 20 Oct, 2015
  • Svante Suominen

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