Improving Health and Quality of Life Through Measurement

Poor air quality kills millions of people every year and causes health problems in varying degrees of severity. Addressing this problem requires a solid understanding of the atmosphere, which can be achieved only through observations, both globally and locally.

To be able to decrease the impact of air pollution, we need to understand its components and their interactions better. To achieve this understanding, we need to measure what is going on in the atmosphere.

“For more than 80 years, Vaisala has provided high-quality instruments for measuring the environment and has recently expanded to air-quality observations in order to provide the data needed to take action toward cleaner air”, says Erkki Järvinen, President of Vaisala China Operations.

Read more in our blog about how air quality affects people’s lives and how denser, more accurate air quality measurements can help tackle this enormous global challenge.



  • 7 Sep, 2017

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