Vaisala: Future of Renewable Energy

The business of renewable energy had a great 2015, with record global investment of $329 billion, installing 64 GW of wind and 57 GW of solar generation capacity, roughly enough new electricity generation to meet the demand of half the residents of the United Kingdom. One of the factors driving the growth of renewables is increased awareness that carbon dioxide emissions, in large part from the world’s power plants, is causing our climate to change. No longer the rhetoric of environmentalists, climate change became a major issue on the international stage in 2015 with global leaders from Barack Obama to Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel discussing its threat to society. Even military leaders and Pope Francis issued public statements urging broad, immediate action.

But why now, and why a focus on renewable energy? Read more in an article by Vaisala’s Global Manager of Energy Services, Ph.D. Pascal Storck:



  • 23 May, 2016
  • Tuula Sjöstedt
  • climate, climate change, ilmastonmuutoksen hillintä, mitigation, power plants, renewable energy, renewables,

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