Four years of saving the climate

In late spring 2015 I called Jouni Keronen and asked if he could find something for me to do at CLC. I had set up my own consultancy in late 2014 and was looking for climate and cleantech related assignments. It turned out that Jouni had just been thinking of contacting me, because he indeed... Continue Reading →

We are hiring: Development director

Climate Leadership Coalition is a network of companies, research organizations and cities who strive to be among the leaders of their respective fields in terms of climate ambition. Together we strive to make a significant positive climate impact through business solutions. CLC has 56 organisational members and 20 personal members. Our members employ more than... Continue Reading →

Climate change, leadership and democracy

The outcome of events this week will play a crucial role in determining our ability to manage the climate crisis we now face. Following the recent parliamentary elections in Finland, negotiations are underway to agree a legislative programme for the new coalition government. Climate change is a key theme for these negotiations. We hope that... Continue Reading →

Ilmastonmuutos, johtaminen ja demokratia

Tämä viikko on ratkaiseva ilmastokriisin hillinnän suhteen. Suomessa neuvotellaan hallitusohjelmasta, jossa ilmastonmuutos on keskeinen teema. Toivomme, että siinä priorisoidaan Suomen EU-puheenjohtajuuskauden mahdollisuudet saada EUssa sovittua riittävät ilmastotavoitteiden tiukennukset, Suomi lisää panostuksia ilmastonmuutoksen hillinnässä auttavien tuotteiden ja palveluiden eli hiilikädenjäljen kehittämiseen ja saamme aikaan myös suunnitelmarungon siitä miten Suomi saavuttaa nopeasti ilmastoneutraaliuden, kasvattaen sen jälkeen ilmastopositiivisia... Continue Reading →

More value for CLC members

At CLC we are very interested to hear, what our members think of our activities. In March we conducted our annual member survey to get input and feedback on how to improve further. Of the various activities we offer, theme groups and events are most valued by members. Setting joint climate goals and raising climate... Continue Reading →

CLC spring meeting: How to become a climate leader

Companies can play a crucial role in the fight against climate change. Helping companies and organisations improve their climate leadership is an important part of CLC’s mission. Our annual spring meeting focused on three key tools for systematic climate strategy, business development and reporting: TCFD, science-based targets and carbon handprint. They were presented through cases... Continue Reading →

Employee experience and climate

Workplaces play a significant role in shaping up daily routines. Personnel benefits and company policies to do with things such as travel, transport and meals can influence our daily choices in a major way.

Sustainable development in the workplace menu?

On Wednesday 6 February, CLC and the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra organised an event Workplace Menu on Sustainable Workplaces related to workplace climate activities. The keynote speaker in the event was Dr. Vanessa Timmer, the Executive Director of One Earth, a Vancouver, Canada-based environmental ‘think and do tank’ creating and imagining sustainable ways of living. Vanessa is also... Continue Reading →

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