Now you have the chance to define the positive carbon handprint of your product or service while benefiting from the support of Climate Leadership Coalition’s unparallelled network of peers.

CLC’s members VTT Technical Research Center of Finland and Lappeenranta University of Technology have created a new environmental method and guidelines for calculating the climate impacts of a product or service. The carbon handprint refers to the positive climate impact that using a product or service has compared to other products or services in the same category. The calculation gives the size of the handprint caused by the company’s product or service: the bigger the handprint the better.

How your organisation can join:

  1. Fill in a commitment form indicating that your company will work to calculate and publish a carbon handprint for a product or service. Please note that the challenge is only open to CLC members.
  2. Attend the opening workshop where you will get useful information to get you started. You will also have an opportunity to share thoughts and ideas with other organisations participating in the challenge.
  3. Calculate a carbon handprint for your organisation’s product or service. The schedule for completing the calculation is agreed by the group of participants. The calculations must be based on the method outlined in the Carbon Handprint Guide developed by VTT and LUT. Peer support is provided in group meetings, and challenge partners are happy to provide paid consulting services to help you in the process.
  4. Validate your calculations with a reliable third party (critical review).
  5. Publish the carbon handprint. Once the handprint has been validated, it will also be showcased here.

Why it is a great idea to join?

Calculating and publishing a carbon handprint will

  • Provide a clear set of parameters for future product development
  • Increase investor confidence in your organisation’s commitment to addressing climate risks and embracing climate opportunities
  • Provide reliable information to your customers that your organisation can help them reduce their burden on climate
  • Provide verifiable information on your sustainability efforts

Committed companies

Companies that have calculated, validated and published a carbon handprint:


Companies that have committed to calculating a carbon handprint: