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About the campaign

Everyday choices made by ordinary people hold the key to our efforts to reduce emissions and find more sustainable solutions. Zero Emissions Day, also known as ZeDay, has been designed to give the world a break from fossil fuels and to raise awareness about the harm caused by carbon emissions. The goal is to engage people towards more climate-friendly choices in their personal life.

The day is a good opportunity for each of us to think what we can do to reduce harmful carbon emissions. Climate Leadership Coalition invites all organisations to celebrate Zero Emissions Day and organise campaigns for their staff, customers and other stakeholders.

In addition, we will collaborate with schools, cities and sports organisations.

In 2019, ZeDay will be on Saturday. To enable full participation by schools and workplaces CLC kicks off the celebration already on Friday 20 September. Activities include our fall meeting as well as campaigns organized by our member organisations.

Zero emissions Day in Schools

CLC together with Economy and youth TAT, the Finnish National Agency for Education and Myrskyvaroitus-Storm Warning ry invites all schools in Finland to mark Zero Emissions Day on 20–21 September and participate in the ZeDay competition, “We do things coolest”.

Many schools such as Otaniemi Upper Secondary School from Espoo, Sammon keskuslukio high school (SAMKE) from Tampere, Hyria Education from Hyvinkää and Mercuria Business College from Vantaa have already begun preparations for ZeDay.

On Saturday 21 September the main ZeDay school event will take place in the new Otaniemi Upper Secondary School.

The idea of the ZeDay school competition “We do things coolest” is to prepare videos about the coolest climate actions for halving our personal carbon footprint by 2030.

History of Zero Emissions Day

Zero Emissions Day was launched in Nova Scotia, Canada in 2008.

CLC began organising the event in Finland in 2017. In 2018, 25 of CLC’s members campaigned on ZeDay. In addition, ZeDay was celebrated in Finnish schools both in 2017 and 2018.

Join the campaign

The campaign is open for all to participate. Please register by 20 June 2019.

Contact: Sari Siitonen, sari.siitonen(at)clonet.fi, +358 40 761 5221


On Zero Emissions day, the City of Espoo will communicate about smart and clean solutions to its citizens in order to make sustainable lifestyle choices more familiar and attractive. The goal is wellbeing in a smart, climate-friendly and safe city where everyday life is easy and natural diversity is nurtured. Espoo’s objective is to be the most sustainable city in Europe now and also in the future. Espoo’s aim is to reach carbon neutrality by 2030.

Helen will encourage families and friends to do a time jump to the year 2050 by playing the game My2050, an adventure about climate change. The game can be played in Kansalaistori, Helsinki or in the Espoo Centre – all the players need are their phones and 60 minutes of their time. In the game a YouTube superstar and climate influencer Niha Bee will guide the players to the future, as she will show them how life is in the 2050´s. Helen is one of the main partners of the game.

IBM and domestic food companies encourage citizens for responsible choices by opening the supply chain and carbon footprint of selected food products. Also, other CLC member organizations, such as VTT, will participate in this challenge.

Municipality of Ii takes its steps towards zero emissions by reducing the food waste. Everyone of us produce approximately 23 kg food waste in one year. That is way too much. In our Municipality we want to make this number as low as possible and during our Food Waste Week (from 9th to 15th of September 2019) Municipality provides different events and competitions to increase residents awareness of food waste and its possibilities – e.g. how you can process further your leftovers.

On Zero Emissions day, Sitra is raising awareness about sustainable lifestyles and encouraging each of us to make smart choices. Test your own carbon footprint and make a plan to reduce it at:  https://www.sitoumus2050.fi/lifestyles

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” – The Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) is challenging all municipalities in the Hinku (Towards Carbon Neutral Municipalities) project to get involved in ZeDay by encouraging their citizens to start a climate diet and measure their annual carbon footprint using the Climate Diet calculator (available at ilmastodieetti.fi/climatediet.fi). On Friday the 20th, SYKE will publish the total number of Hinku-citizens who have calculated their footprint between the 1st and 18th of September. Municipalities with the most activity will be celebrated on SYKE’s channels.

Events for CLC member organization staff:

Castrén & Snellman has a long history in sustainability: it committed to the WWF’s Green Office standards as the first law firm in Finland and takes everyday actions to provide sustainable services for our clients. The firm is taking a step further with a training series in sustainable business hosted by experts, with the aim of integrating the UN’s sustainable development goals into its business model. Castrén & Snellman wants to bring people together to innovate new solutions for sustainability.

Every day, Caverion takes steps to enable a carbon-neutral society and participates in the Zero Emissions Day by encouraging its employees to make environmentally sound decisions in their daily lives as well. Caverion encourages the employees to cycle to work or commute by public transportation. Caverion encourages drivers of our service vehicles to follow energy-efficient driving practices and challenge staff to arrange all meetings as remote meetings on a zero-emission day. For lunch Caverion encourages to choose a vegetarian option. In the intranet Caverion shares information on energy use and offer tips on how to reduce carbon footprint in everyday life and at work. Caverion will hold an internal survey and interviews for its employees on the activities they have done on the week leading to Zero Emission Day 21st of September.

Fortum will highlight its grass root actions that encourage Fortum employees to make sustainable choices in their everyday life. In short video Fortum employee will tell about  Fortum’s company car policy that made her choose full electric car for commuting. Another video tells about head office’s services for cyclists and employees who choose public transportation. Fortum will also tell about one of the cafeterias in the Campus that serves only vegetarian food. 

Ilmarinen encourages employees to make better decisions regarding the climate and to improve their work ability. In the summer of 2018, Ilmarinen calculated 20,000 kg worth of savings in carbon dioxide emissions, thanks to 100 active commuter cyclists, who cycled almost 100,000 kilometers. This year, Ilmarinen’s goal in the nationwide Kilometrikisa campaign is to gather 200 active cyclists and cycle 120,000 kilometers in total. If the goal is achieved, Ilmarinen will provide seasonal maintenance for the participants’ bicycles. As a final boost, free porridge is offered to all our climate friendly commuters, i.e. employees coming to work by bicycle, foot or public transportation, on 20 September 2019.

Kojamo is taking part in the Cycling Competition (Kilometrikisa 1.5.-22.9.2019). By cycling Kojamo’s personnel is reducing CO2 emissions and fighting against climate change. Kojamo is also supporting Finnish Red Cross’ work with 1 euro donation for every 25 kilometers cycled as part of the Chain Reaction (Ketjureaktio) campaign. With a big heart and a good heart rate, #GoKojamo !

At Lassila & Tikanoja, will encourage all the staff to carry out their trip to work on the 21st of September either on bike or by foot if possible. Everyone of the staff taking part in this endeavor that morning will be offered breakfast at the headquarters in Helsinki.

Neste encourages its personnel in Finland to use bicycles for commuting. By taking part in the Cycling Competition in Finland (Kilometrikisa 1.5. – 22.9.2019), employees can reduce CO2 emissions but also improve their own wellbeing. Neste supports Finnish Red Cross’ work as part of the Chain Reaction (Ketjureaktio) campaign. 

OP Financial Group will communicate Zero Emissions Day to all customers and encourage employees all around Finland to take part in Zero emissions day thru OP Climate Day. This is the second OP Climate day this year and it encourages employees to make climate friendly decision throughout their working day starting from sustainable commuting to work, offering breakfast to climate friendly commuters and counting the carbon footprint of our lunch to help raise awareness of their emissions. To support employees make better choices, tips and blogs will be released.

Outotec encourages employees to use bicycles for commuting by offering them a season ticket for the Helsinki and Espoo citybikes, as well as providing a citybike parking station on Outotec premises. Outotec also supports the use of public transportation with employer-subsidized commuter tickets. On Zero emission day, Outotec will launch an awareness raising program, including a sustainability blog as well as information packages about the climate impacts of its products and technologies, i.e. positive environmental handprint. Also, on zero emission day the Outotec lunch restaurant will offer a vegetarian menu. 

As a part of its Iso Juttu (Big Deal) Climate Campaign S Group will organize a theme week around Climate issues for its staff. During this week the staff is provided with information, examples and workshops on more climate friendly solutions concerning food, living, consumption and mobility.

SEB will kickstart the activities already on September 10 when the season premiere of our breakfast event series SEB TALK takes place. The Zero Emission Day will be extended into a theme week filled with activities at our office. Food served in the staff restaurant will be even more climate friendly than usual, food waste will be subject for close attention and screening, staff and visitors will have the possibility to test their carbon footprint and to take part in information campaigns. On Friday the winners of the internal summer campaign, Bike to work, will be awarded. SEB will also announce the continuation of the Bike to work -campaign for next year.

Stora Enso will encourage its staff to choose a climate-friendly form of commuting – such as walking, biking, rideshare or canoeing. Stora Enso is going to organize a Zero Emissions Day competition for finding the most innovative solutions for daily commuting. The competition is open for the staffs of Stora Enso and Efora Oy. The most innovative solutions will be rewarded on Friday, September 20th.

Telia Finland challenges all employees to share best practices for responsible choices regarding the climate and reducing CO2 emissions internally and in social media on the week leading to Zero Emission Day 21st of September. Together we make the difference #daringgoals.

Vaisala encourages employees to leave their cars home and ride a bike to work on the Zero Emissions Day taking also the final spurt on Kilometrikisa. Free breakfast porridge will be provided to cyclists and the results of the recently renewed Employee Commuting Survey will be published. Sustainable commuting will be further promoted through a Green Office campaign during the week.

Varma will take part in Zero Emissions Day by encouraging Varma employees to make environmentally friendly choices. Personnel will be encouraged to use bicycles for commuting, and they can also have their bikes serviced in a maintenance van placed outside the Salmisaari office during the workday. In addition, the Fazer Food Services restaurant in Varma’s office building will offer plant-based foods. Varma will inform customers and stakeholders about climate-friendly pension investment. Varma has dramatically reduced the carbon footprint of the investments in the past few years.

VTT highlights the climate impacts of everyday actions, and invites the whole personnel to make climate-friendly choices. Together with ISS-Services, we’ll provide information about the climate impacts related to food, and climate issues will be present in all VTT’s staff restaurants during the campaign week. On Friday September 20th, we’ll organize a panel discussion in which potential options for reducing greenhouse gas emissions related to work and to the workplace are considered. Zero emissions day will be present also in VTT’s social media accounts.

As a company, Wärtsilä is working daily towards a more sustainable future. On Zero Emissions Day, Wärtsilä Helsinki Campus is arranging multiple possibilities for its staff to support low-emission actions in daily office life. Employees are encouraged to commute by bicycle or using public transportation – or work remotely. At the office, there will be a bike washing and maintenance possibility for cyclists, recycling competition, and book swap launch. In addition, a recycling room will be opened for a few days. Leftover items will be donated to charity. Vegetarian-only snacks will be offered at the customer lounge and sold at the staff cafe. Moreover, employees are challenged to share a photo of their environmental action they have done during the week on Yammer.

YIT will encourage employees to reduce food waste by organizing a week-long food waste campaign for its staff at YIT’s headquarter in Panuntie, Helsinki in cooperation with Amica’s Vatupassi restaurant. The amount of food loss will be measured during the week and the daily amount of food waste will be communicated to the restaurant customers. The purpose is to make people pay attention and minimize their food waste.

Events for schools:

Finnair will provide the winners of the ZeDay Competitions for Schools “We do things coolest” with a visit to the Finnair Kitchen at the Helsinki Vantaa Airport area. Finnair’s goal is to halve the amount of loss of food and plastic waste produced by its catering services by the end of 2022, which also has positive climate impacts. In addition, Finnair will serve winners a lunch and bus transfer.

KONE will provide the winners of the ZeDay Competitions for Schools “We do things coolest” with a visit to our facilities in Hyvinkää. The students will get to know more about sustainability at KONE and have a chance to visit our LEED Gold-certified People Flow visitor center and the elevator factory. The production facility is an energy-efficient, ISO 14001-certified “flagship facility”, where all most complex, customized solutions for the global elevator market are made. In addition, Kone will serve winners a lunch and bus transfer.

St1 will offer students and citizens an opportunity to visit in its Geothermal Heat Project Site in Otaniemi on September 21. Fortum will utilize the heat in Espoo’s district heating network. Fortum will introduce it’s transformation journey to carbon-neutral district heating at the site.

University of Turku will provide the winners of the ZeDay Competitions for Schools “We do things coolest” with visit to the Ruissalo Botanic Garden of the Biodiversity Unit. In the Botanic Garden there will be a guidance concentrating on climate change and, in particular, its impact on biodiversity in the world. In addition, University of Turku will serve winners a lunch and bus transfer.

Surprise award by VR. VR works continuously to preserve the Finnish nature and to slow down the climate change. 95 % of VR:s trains run on environmentally friendly electric energy. Improving energy-efficiency and becoming more environmentally friendly is central in all VR’s operations. 


Registration to the campaign and coordination:
Sari Siitonen, sari.siitonen(at)clonet.fi, +358 40 761 5221

Banner photo: Elina Sazonova at Pexels.