Climate Leadership Coalition’s annual fall meeting was held on the 13th of November. The meeting elected Sari Baldauf as the chair of the board. In addition to Baldauf, Ville Voipio, Chair of the Board, Vaisala, Heikki Vuorenmaa, President and CEO of YIT Group and Tomas Häyry, Mayor of the City of Vaasa were elected new members of the board. 

“I am delighted and honoured to join Climate Leadership Coalition as a chair of the board. CLC’s diligent efforts have demonstrated that investments in sustainable solutions not only drive emission reductions but also serve as a powerful catalyst for successful business. With its proactive members, CLC has been a dynamic force in the field of climate and now also building strategy on nature and biodiversity topics,” says Sari Baldauf, the newly elected chair of the board of CLC. 

Nathalie Ahlström, CEO of Fiskars Group, Pekka Ala-Pietilä, Chair of the Board at Sanoma and Huhtamäki, Tiina Alahuhta-Kasko, CEO of Marimekko, Merja Kivelä, Partner at Castrén & Snellman Attorneys continue as members. Also, Karl-Henrik Sundström, resigning Chair of CLC Board and chair and member of numerous boards, will continue as member of the CLC board. Vice members of the board are Åsa Jackson, EVP at Boliden, Vanessa Butani, VP at Electrolux and Seppo Parvi CFO at Stora Enso.  

Climate Leadership Coalition has also accepted two new organizational members: Mehiläinen Group and Carbo CultureThese companies further strengthen CLC’s position as a powerful Nordic business climate network.

“Mehiläinen Group is the largest private social and healthcare provider in the Nordics. Our mission is to improve health and well-being, and we acknowledge how it is strongly connected to the environment. We consider CLC as a great opportunity to work with other companies that have high level of ambition on environmental efforts. We aim to learn from others but are also excited to share our expertise and experiences on issues related to climate and health”, says Janne-Olli Järvenpää, CEO, Mehiläinen Group.   

“Biochar and the excess energy produced in the manufacturing will be a significant driver in the decarbonisation and carbon removal pathways to reach net zero. Carbo Culture is proud to be part of the CLC network and as both a project and technology developer can bring added value and opportunities to fellow colleagues. We want to further engage with the people within the community doing their utmost to keep our planet within safer planetary boundaries”, says Henrietta Moon, CEO and Co-founder, Carbo Culture.  

These organisations take the number of CLC’s organisational members to 98.  “Our growing membership base and network of partners enhance CLC’s potential to support Nordic, EU and global decision-makers in work to mitigate climate change and implementing the European Green Deal. We are looking forward to working together with Mehiläinen Group and Carbo Culture”, says Karl-Henrik Sundström, Chair of CLC Board 2021-2023.  

CLC members employ globally 1,000,000 people and represent over 70 percent of the market cap of the OMX Nasdaq Helsinki stock exchange. CLC’s members believe that society’s transition towards a sustainable economy and consumption is not only possible but also economically viable. 

More information: Tuuli Kaskinen, CEO, Climate Leadership Coalition,, +358 50 5149752