Climate Leadership Coalition (CLC), which develops business-driven solutions to address climate change, will organise several events with its members and partners in conjunction with COP27 climate change conference in Sharm el-Sheik, Egypt, from 6–18 November 2022. CLC’s focus at COP27 will be to increase climate financing, promote carbon pricing and raise awareness of the carbon handprint concept.

CLC is the largest climate business network in Europe and will participate in the conference as an observer. CLC’s delegation includes eight of CLC’s corporate and organisational members: Wärtsilä, Huhtamäki, St1, Stora Enso, Vestas, Coolbrook, PuroEarth and Aalto University. CLC will organise events at COP27 in cooperation with partners such as the International Chamber of Commerce ICC, the Finnish Ministry of the Environment, the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK) and Sitra. The head of the CLC delegation is CEO Tuuli Kaskinen.

“CLC’s role as an observer at COP27 will enable our delegation to follow the implementation of the global climate actions already agreed on and to highlight themes that are important to companies. The promotion of carbon pricing in particular is on our agenda. The climate conference is also a meeting place to find new partners for climate-sustainable solutions. CLC’s COP27 delegation will follow the events at the conference and will promote important issues in Sharm el-Sheikh for the two weeks,” says Tuuli Kaskinen.

CLC events at COP27:


Ramping up climate investments and carbon pricing to meet 1.5 °C target 

Time: 09:45-10:45 EET

Venue: We Mean Business pavilion. Media access by request.

Introducing the key initiatives for wider use of carbon pricing and demonstrating experiences on the effective use of carbon pricing for emission reductions and climate investment ramp-up on scenarios for international carbon pricing developments. The event aims to drive collaborative action between participating organisations. The background of the event is the Call on Carbon initiative. ​

This event is organised in cooperation with the International Chamber of Commerce and the Coalition of Finance Ministers for Climate Action.



Data as the basis for policy, innovation and education

Time: 16:00-17:30 EET

Venue: Cyrosphere Pavilion

Main organiser:

Atmosphere and Climate Competence Center (ACCC), University of Helsinki, supported by CLC.

We aim for knowledge-based governance and innovation to achieve climate goals. This requires global data coverage, science literacy, and effective knowledge brokering between data providers and multisectoral end-users. We will showcase successful examples of climate data used by stakeholders in governments, in the private sector (consulting), the media, and education. This will be followed by an interactive discussion to identify the data needs and challenges faced by these stakeholders, and to co-design best practices between data providers, data intermediaries, communicators, decision-makers and educators.


 Marianne Santala, Doctoral Researcher, University of Helsinki

Andrew Pershing, Director, Climate Central

Mira Hulkkonen, Researcher, Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI)

Marta Gutiérrez David, Community Support Specialist, EGI



Taking a strategic view on climate change: advancing green growth while managing transboundary climate risks

Time: 13:45-14:45 EET

Venue: Nordic Pavilion

Partners: Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK), the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, Finnish Ministry of the Environment, Swedish Environment Institute

Industries and governments have worked together in the Nordics to set ambitious climate targets and have used them as a mechanism to boost innovation in clean solutions, thus serving as a stepping stone towards creating green exports. Nordic countries are widely considered front-runners on climate action, but they have yet to effectively address the climate risks they are exposed to through trade. Collaboration within the Nordics and with international trading partners in overcoming the challenges resulting from cross-border and cascading climate risk is another industrial strategy challenge, but how can these be combined into a more holistic strategic approach to jointly address climate change mitigation and adaptation?


-Keynote by Maria Ohisalo, Minister of Environment, Finland

-Industry-government collaboration in the Nordics to set and deliver on ambitious climate targets: Janne Peljo, Chief Policy Advisor at the Confederation of Finnish Industries

-Climate risk in international trade for the Nordics: what does climate adaptation and resilience really mean in a globally connected world and what are the remits and responsibilities of Nordic countries? Frida Lager, Research Associate at Stockholm Environment Institute

-SEIPanel discussion: How can governments and industries work together to take a strategic view on climate change mitigation and adaptation? Panellists: Ole Erik Almlid, Director General of the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO), Johanna Pirinen, SVP Head of Sustainability, Stora Enso, Sandeep Sarin, Market Development Manager, Wärtsilä India, Tuuli Kaskinen, CEO, CLC will moderate the panel discussion

-Q&A with the audience



Finland’s path to carbon neutrality by 2035: Lowering carbon footprint,  increasing handprint

Time: 18:30-20:00 EET

Venue: Side-event room Thebes. Webcast: UNFCC’s You Tube Channel COP27 side events.

Finland is committed to net zero emissions by 2035. How did we succeed in setting the target? In this event high-level speakers share insights on setting a strong net zero target. What are the key learnings from the Finnish experience in government-business collaboration? How to increase carbon handprint while reducing the footprint?

The event is organised by the Finnish Ministry of the Environment, Confederation of Finnish Industries, the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra and Climate Leadership Coalition.


18:30 Opening keynote: Maria Ohisalo, Finnish Minister of the Environment and Climate Change

18:40 High level keynote: Bertrand Piccard, Founder, Solar Impulse Foundation

18:50 Presentation: Carbon handprint –The concept, rationale and key highlights from Huhtamäki, Thomasine Kamerling, Excecutive Vice President, Sustainability and Communications, Huhtamäki

19:00  Panel discussion: Beyond Net Zero –Towards a Climate Positive Society

Moderators: Tuuli Hietaniemi, Leading Specialist, Sustainability Solutions, The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra. Janne Peljo,Chief Policy Advisory, Climate & Biodiversity, Confederation of Finnish Industries

Panelists: Pietro Bertazzi, Global Director, Policy Engagement and External Affairs, CDP. Ville Hulkkonen, Director of Public Affairs, St1 Nordic. Thomasine Kamerling, Excecutive Vice President, Sustainability and Communications, Huhtamäki. Terhi Lehtonen, State Secretary, Finnish Ministry of the Environment, Markku Ollikainen, Chair, The Finnish Climate Change Panel. Sandeep Sarin, Head of Business Development, Wärtsilä.

CLC members employ 540,000 people globally. CLC’s member businesses represent approximately 70 percent of the market value of the Nasdaq Helsinki. CLC’s members believe that society’s transition towards a sustainable economy and consumption is not only possible but also economically viable.

More information: Tuuli Kaskinen, CEO, Climate Leadership Coalition,, +358 50 5149752, Kari Mokko, Development Director, Climate Leadership Coalition, +358 40 7513281 and Senni Raunio, Specialist, Climate Leadership Coalition,, +358 50 3512390.