Climate Leadership Coalition helps its members to develop and innovate more climate-friendly products and services, and so to increase their positive carbon handprint. In Zero Emissions Day, on September 21, we highlight these solutions. Zero Emissions Day started in Nova Scotia, Canada, 2008. CLC began organising the event in Finland in 2017. Zero Emissions Day has been designed to give the world a break from fossil fuels and to raise awareness about the harm caused by carbon emissions. The goal is to engage people towards more climate-friendly choices in their personal life.

In 2022 CLC is involved in the organization of two major Zero Emission Day events.

In New York CLC will hand out world’s first International Carbon Handprint Awards during Climate Week NYC Conference. The carbon handprint refers to the positive climate impact that using a product or service has compared to other products or services in the same category. The event will be streamed online 10-11.30 AM (EST) and one can register to the event here.

During the Zero Emissions Day the parish of Lempäälä is organizing an event with several actors from Lempäälä, where the activities and solutions of local actors from individual measures to larger entities are presented. The event will be arranged in the Ideapark shopping center at 4-6 PM (EET). The event will include presentations, a panel discussion and an opportunity for audience questions. In addition of CLC, actors participating in the event are the parish of Lempäälä (release of an environmental diploma), Lempäälä Lämpö Oy (smart energy solutions), Lempäälä Municipality (carbon neutral Lempäälä 2030), Climate warriors of Lempäälä High School, Tampere University and Ideapark Oy.

The aim of the event is to raise the awareness of citizens, decision-makers and parishioners about environmental issues and emission reduction opportunities, to disseminate information on solutions and activities being developed, to promote the possibility of climate partnerships and to strengthen the effectiveness of working together.

Also, CLC member organizations – Ilmarinen, Fiskars, S Group an VTT among others – will organize their own events and campaigns during the day. Zero Emissions Day for schools will be organized by Otaniemi Upper Secondary School in Espoo. The event will be streamed on the Youtube channel of Lukema at 10 AM (EET). In addition, Suomen Golfkentät ry organizes a climate seminar, which discusses the possibilities of golf courses to mitigate climate change and promote biodiversity. After the seminar, the Zero Emission Challenge golf competition will be organized.

Climate Leadership Coalition is a non-profit association and Europe’s largest climate-business network by membership. CLC’s 94 organizational members employ 535,000 people globally and CLC’s corporate members represent about 70% of the market cap of OMX Nasdaq Helsinki. CLC’s members believe that profound transition to a sustainable world can be economically beneficial, viable and financeable.

More information: Tuuli Kaskinen, CEO, Climate Leadership Coalition,, +358 50 5149752, Sari Siitonen, Senior Advisor, Climate Leadership Coalition,, +358 40 7615221 ja Senni Raunio, Specialist, Climate Leadership Coalition,, +358 50 3512390.