The Climate Leadership Coalition (CLC), which is the largest climate business network in Europe, has accepted Joseph CarvinErkki LiikanenPrachi Shevgaonkar, Mikko Spolander and Gregory H. Watson as personal members.

Carvin is the founder and CEO of One World United and Virtuous Foundation and has also three decades experience in global financial markets. Liikanen is the former Minister of Finance of Finland, former Governor of the Bank of Finland and former European Commissioner for Enterprise and Information Society and Budget and Administration. Shevgaonkar is the Founder of Cool The Globe initiative. Spolander is Director General, Ministry of Finance, Finland. Watson is the Chairman, Business Excellence Solutions and Past-Chairman, Honorary Member, and Patron, International Academy for Quality.

In addition to 87 organisational members, CLC has now 52 personal members, most of whom are also members of CLC’s Advisory Board.

”I have followed the development of CLC after 2017 when we co-organized the Zero Emission Summit in New York in 2017. I am glad to join CLC as personal and advisory board member. I have long admired CLC’s capacity to involve the private sector in addressing climate-based solutions and am hopeful we can bring some the CLC’s success to the United States in general and to Westchester, where I live, in particular,” says Joseph Carvin

”It is a pleasure to join CLC as a personal member. Finland introduced a carbon dioxide tax on transport fuels as one of the first if not the very first country in the end of 1980´s. The objective was to use taxation as a tool to curb environmentally harmful growth of consumption or steering consumption to more environmentally friendly products. I served then as a Minister of Finance,” says Erkki Liikanen.

”It is an honour to become a personal member and part of the advisory board at CLC. It has been a pleasure to learn that CLC develops climate for all parties – governments, companies, cities and citizens. This is also the main focus of the Cool The Globe initiative. I am happy to support CLC in its mission,” says Prachi Shevgaonkar.

“Climate and new technologies drive the change in the economy in this century. The question is how and where people work and make their living in the future and how economic policies can promote the change. It is thrilling to be involved in searching economically and ecologically sustainable solutions to these challenges,” says Mikko Spolander.

”It has been a pleasure to see how the CLC has grown to developing a scientific, systemic solution to the problems facing our climate. It will be a special honor to work with CLC in helping to derive a better approach to applying improved for forecasting trends in the impact of climate change as well as the potential opportunities from technology advances. And it was my privilege to have had CEO Jouni Keronen as a Lean-Six Sigma black belt student about a decade ago,” says Gregory H. Watson.

Karl-Henrik Sundström, Chair of the CLC board, welcomes the new members to CLC’s network.

“A very warm welcome to Erkki, Gregory, Joseph, Mikko and Prachi. Their expertise and contacts will strengthen the competences of CLC’s network further. We are looking forward to working together in climate change mitigation with these highly respected professionals”, says Karl-Henrik Sundström.

The Climate Leadership Coalition is a non-profit association and its 87 organisational members employ 520 000 people globally. CLC’s corporate members represent almost 70 percent of the market cap of OMX Nasdaq Helsinki. CLC’s members believe that transitioning society towards a sustainable economy and consumption habits is not only possible but also economically viable.

More information: Jouni Keronen, CEO, Climate Leadership Coalition, +358 50 453 4881 and Kari Mokko, Development Director, Climate Leadership Coalition,, +358 40 7513281.