The Climate Leadership Coalition (CLC), which develops business-driven solutions to climate change, welcomes Brian Buggey and Kari Huoponen as personal members. Buggey is the Director of Economic Transformation and Climate Action at the City of Vancouver’s Economic Commission. Huoponen is the Managing Director of the start-up Trilleco and former chair of CLC’s ICT theme group

In addition to 87 organisational members, CLC has 40 personal members, most of whom are also members of CLC’s Advisory Board.

“Vancouver has pioneered many ways to develop green businesses. I look forward to sharing our Vancouver experience with other city builders, economic leaders and innovators at the Climate Leadership Coalition. It is my hope that we will share best practices around the environmental handprint concept to strengthen our clean growth pathways,” says Bryan Buggey.

“I am very impressed with CLC’s influence and impact on defining and promoting policies and business practices towards a more sustainable world. I have learned to appreciate the professionalism and passion of CLC’s leaders, staff and member representatives. I believe that ICT technologies play a key role in fighting climate change and I am willing to share my competences and networks to get more value from the ICT sector. I am delighted at being accepted as a personal member of CLC,” says Kari Huoponen.

CLC’s carbon handprint project for cities and regions is progressing. The main goal of this project is to define and describe how cities and regions can develop their carbon handprint and promote sustainable growth in parallel with this. The developed concept will also be made available to other cities and regions within Finland and the EU as well as internationally. The project will end in April 2022.

After public tendering, the service providers of the project have been chosen. LUT University will be responsible for defining and documenting the handprint method for cities and regions, Lumintel Oy for applying the concept to the three cases in the Helsinki-Uusimaa region, and Miracolo Oy for disseminating the method and other relevant outcomes for wider use in Finland and the EU in cities, universities and city, region and industry networks and partnerships.

“A warm welcome to Bryan and Kari to the CLC network. Your expertise will strengthen our competences further. It is great that we are able to start tangible work on developing the carbon handprint concept for cities and regions. According to the UN, cities consume over two-thirds of the world’s energy and account for more than 70% of global carbon dioxide emissions. By transitioning them towards climate neutrality, they will have massive opportunities and impacts for carbon handprint development,” says Jouni Keronen, CEO, Climate Leadership Coalition.

The Climate Leadership Coalition is the largest climate business network in Europe. CLC is a non-profit association and its 87 organisational members employ 520 000 people globally. CLC’s corporate members represent almost 70% of the market cap of OMX Nasdaq Helsinki. CLC’s members believe that transitioning society towards a sustainable economy and consumption habits is not only possible but also economically viable.

More information:
Jouni Keronen, CEO, Climate Leadership Coalition, +358 50 453 4881 and Kari Mokko, Development Director, Climate Leadership Coalition,, +358 40 7513281.

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