Climate Leadership Coalition (CLC), which develops business-driven solutions to climate change, has accepted home appliance manufacturer Electrolux as an organisational member.

The membership of Electrolux takes the number of CLC’s organisational members to 82. The inclusion of the Swedish company Electrolux further strengthens CLC’s position as the largest non-profit climate business network in Europe and expands CLC’s member base in the other Nordic countries.

“Electrolux was one of the 100 first companies in the world to establish approved Science Based Targets, and from this year our overall sustainability framework is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We believe addressing climate change remains one of the most urgent challenges for society. Therefor we look forward to widening the Nordic scope in the CLC network at both top management and expert levels,” says Jonas Samuelson, CEO, Electrolux.

The number of CLC’s personal members has risen to 39. CLC has accepted Alviina Alametsä, Jaakko Mustakallio and Kai Mykkänen as personal members. Alviina Alametsä is a member of the European Parliament and a member of Helsinki City Council (The Greens). Jaakko Mustakallio is Vice-President of the Greens and a member of Tampere City Council. Kai Mykkänen is a member of the Finnish Parliament (National Coalition) and a former minister who served as his party’s representative in the Sipilä Government’s ministerial working group on bioeconomy and clean solutions

“Europe and Finland must implement the Paris Agreement in practice. This is how we can credibly call for a radical reduction in global net emissions. We are indebted to nature, for existing and future generations. As a member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the European Parliament, I want to promote sustainable climate diplomacy and fair transition. I look forward to exchanging thoughts, working with and acting as a link between CLC, the European Parliament and the Greens,” says Alviina Alametsä.

“Combatting climate change is the world’s greatest challenge in the 2020s. We need everyone to be involved in this work. I want to build bridges between the environmental movement and the business world and to change the world so that life on it can flourish,” says Jaakko Mustakallio.

“Combining climate responsibility and the market economy has been at the core of my work in society for more than 20 years since my upper secondary school days. I count the strengthening of carbon pricing and the enactment of a law prohibiting the use of coal in Finland as my most important successes during my time as a minister. I have sought to support CLC’s activities ever since it was founded. I am looking forward to intensifying cooperation as a member of the organisation,” says Kai Mykkänen.

Karl-Henrik Sundström, Chair of CLC’s Board, warmly welcomes the new members to CLC’s network.

“Our growing membership base and network of partners enhance CLC’s potential to support Finnish and Nordic decision-makers in work to mitigate climate change and in planning and implementing the European Green Deal. The expansion of our membership in the other Nordic countries is an important step for CLC,” says Karl-Henrik Sundström.

CLC is a non-profit association and its members employ 500,000 people globally. CLC’s corporate members represent almost 70% of the market cap of OMX Nasdaq Helsinki. CLC’s members believe that a transition by society towards a sustainable economy and consumption habits is not only possible but also economically viable.

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More information: Jouni Keronen, Chief Executive Officer, Climate Leadership Coalition, +358 50 453 4881 and Kari Mokko, Development Director, Climate Leadership Coalition, +358 40 751 3281.