The Climate Leadership Coalition (CLC), which develops business-driven solutions for climate change, has accepted the food company Atria, the power grid company Elenia, the postal services and logistics company Posti, and the environmental management company Remeo as organizational members and Mirva Antila, CEO of SoteDigi, as a personal member.

The new members bring the number of CLC organizational members to 77. Atria, Elenia, Posti and Remeo strengthen CLC’s position as Europe’s largest climate change business network.

“Atria Group’s new strategy focuses on responsibility, climate change management and material efficiency. Atria is committed to reducing climate and environmental impacts at every stage of its operations. Our main goal is carbon-neutral food production. We believe in cooperation and we value networks that support our work, and we will be actively involved in CLC’s activities to achieve our goals,” says Atria’s CEO Juha Gröhn.

“Climate change mitigation is revolutionizing the energy sector. The rapid growth of wind and solar power and the electrification of the transportation sector are changing the entire energy system. The role of a power grid company has become central. Elenia has been, and will continue to be, a leader in taking the change forward. We need the latest technological solutions to maintain the power balance of the grid even when there is no wind or if the sun is not shining. We develop flexible services for electricity use and virtual power plants without compromising the comfort of everyday life. We are also renewing the aged grid to make it weather-proof against storms and other extreme weather conditions. The dark and cold conditions of the Nordic region mean that we need a secure electricity supply throughout the year so that people can go on with their lives”, says Elenia’s CEO Tapani Liuhala.

“At Posti, our aim is to reduce our actual emissions to zero by 2030. In the fight against the climate crisis, those with the skills and the resources to act must bear the greatest responsibility. We can only succeed if we work with different parties and if the business models we have created guide us towards a fossil-free society. We look forward to seeing how we can work with the other parties in the CLC network to contribute to a sustainable economy, especially in terms of logistics and online shopping,” says Posti’s CEO Turkka Kuusisto.

“Remeo’s strategy is to promote circular economy in collaboration with our customers. We strongly believe in advanced technical solutions that turn waste back into raw materials. We apply these measures to make a significant contribution to carbon neutrality. As a member of CLC, we can provide members with information about advanced waste solutions, and we can obtain new ideas from the CLC community and identify areas for development from across the world. CLC is doing significant work, and Remeo wants to be part of it with its own contribution”, says Remeo’s CEO Johan Mild.

The number of personal CLC members is now 31. The latest personal member to have been accepted is Mirva Antila, CEO of SoteDigi Oy and former Country General Manager of IBM Finland, who has been actively involved in positions of responsibility and committees at CLC.

“Over the last couple of years, CLC has grown to become an international influencer in climate politics and has engaged a large number of organizations in climate mitigation. Being deputy member of the CLC Board and Chair of the ICT think tank taught me a lot and was a very empowering experience,” says Mirva Antila.

The new Chair of the CLC Board, Karl-Henrik Sundström, welcomes the new members to the CLC network.

 “Our membership continues to grow, which is a clear sign that climate challenges are now taken more seriously. Our growing membership and partner network offers CLC more opportunities to support policymakers in Finland and in the Nordic countries in their fight against climate change, as well as the EU in planning and implementing the European Green Deal”, says Karl-Henrik Sundström.

 CLC is a non-profit association, and its members employ 430,000 people globally. CLC’s corporate members represent almost 70% of the market cap of the OMX Nasdaq Helsinki stock exchange. CLC’s members believe that a transition by society toward sustainable economy and consumption habits is not only possible but also economically viable.

For more information, please contact: Jouni Keronen, Chief Executive Officer, Climate Leadership Coalition, +358 50 4534881 and Kari Mokko, Development Director, Climate Leadership Coalition, +358 40 7513281.