Today, September 21, is Zero Emissions Day. The Climate Leadership Coalition (CLC) brought this theme day to Finland in 2017 and has since coordinated events related to it. Zero Emissions Day aims to give the planet a day off from fossil fuels and to draw people’s attention to what they consume.

Almost half of Finnish people go to work, which means that workplaces can encourage their employees to make low-emission choices in transport and food during the working day, as well as in their free time. Climate-friendly HR policies in workplaces in Finland encourage working from home, cycling, using public transport, and many other climate-friendly options.

CLC has now compiled a list of tips and best practices from its member organizations on climate-friendly HR policies. These are activities that are in use now, and new ways to encourage staff are constantly being planned and implemented. The tips focus on transport, in particular, as it accounts for 30% of a Finnish person’s carbon footprint. Attention is also paid to food and IT procurement. Employers do not have a say on the energy solutions chosen by their employees, at least not yet, although these have about the same effect on a Finnish person’s carbon footprint as transport. Employers could, indeed, also expand their range of options to include energy solutions by providing their staff with financing for energy renovations at home or by supporting the purchase of renewable electricity, for example.

Schools in Finland also mark Zero Emissions Day. This year, the Children and Youth Foundation is responsible for the Zero Emissions Day collaboration in schools and has produced a package for educational institutions together with CLC, Otaniemi Upper Secondary School, Alma Media, and Neste.

CLC is introducing the Zero Emissions Day concept to the EU and is organizing a Zero Emissions Day webinar in collaboration with representatives of the European Commission. CLC member organizations also hold various campaigns for their stakeholders to communicate their climate targets and practical measures that they take to reduce emissions.

CLC wishes everyone a great Zero Emissions Day and encourages everyone to take positive climate action every day of the year!

More information:

Sari Siitonen, Climate Expert and Zero Emissions Day Coordinator,, tel. +358 40 761 5221