At its Autumn Meeting on 16 September 2020, the Climate Leadership Coalition (CLC) bolstered its board of directors with the appointment of four new members, Mikko Helander, President and CEO, Kesko, Jyrki Katainen, President of Sitra and former European Commission Vice-President for Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness, Prime and Finance Minister of Finland, Karl-Henrik Sundström, former CEO of Stora Enso and a member of the board of Mölnlycke, Vestas and NXP and the Marcus Wallenberg Foundation and Antti Vasara, President and CEO of VTT Ltd (Technical Research Center of Finland.  Kati ter Horst, Executive Vice President, Paper Division, Stora Enso, Risto Murto, President and CEO, Varma, Jukka Mäkelä, Mayor of Espoo continuing to serve on the board. Karl-Henrik Sundström was elected for the chairman and Jyrki Katainen vice-chairman of the board.

During its first six years, CLC has established itself to be the largest climate business association of its kind in Europe. The membership currently comprises 73 organisations and 30 private members.

“When the CLC was founded six years ago, we saw that climate change was going to have a huge impact on the society and business. We stated that a green business transformation can and should be profitable and many of our members have shown that indeed this is the case. A green transition cannot be achieved without massive private investments and these investments will happen only through a systemic change where emitters pay and early green investors and financiers’ benefit. We must allow the market economy to react to an ever-increasing price on carbon dioxide emissions and find new solutions to gradually reach a decarbonized society.  I am encouraged by the fact that many organizations and businesses are taking climate change seriously, joined our network and incorporated green transition into their strategies. During the last two years we have been able to crystallize our message and have beenable to bring important points of view to the EU and especially to the European Green Deal strategy. Warm thanks for CLC members, board and office for the good and visionary work” says Henrik Ehrnrooth, who chaired CLC for three years.

“I am honoured to re-join the CLC board and act as a chairman,” says Karl-Henrik Sundström, who already served in the board for almost two years. “CLC has done a great job in opening the opportunities for climate friendly businesses and engaging top leaders for the transformation. I will do my best in expanding the network and its partners also in the Nordics and internationally”, Sundström continues.

“CLC with its proactive members are in a unique position to collaborate and give ideas to political decision makers on what kind policies would attract the needed amount of investments. Carbon budget, carbon pricing and market mechanisms are the only levers that would bring adequate amounts of low-carbon investments on time and the concept developed and proposed by CLC is very promising. I am honored to join and willing to help CLC in its mission,” says Jyrki Katainen, the new vice-chair of CLC.

In its last meeting on 15 September, 2020 CLC board approved two new organizational members: Natural Resources Institute Finland and the University of Vaasa and two new individual members: Karl-Henrik Sundström and Simo Honkanen, Chairman of the board at Nessling Foundation and former Senior Vice President of Neste’s Sustainability, Public Affairs, Communications and Brand Marketing.

CLC’s members employ more than 400 000 people worldwide and the stock market value of CLC’s company members is almost 70 percent of the Helsinki Stock Exchange.

For more information: Jouni Keronen, CEO, CLC, +358 50 453 4881 and Kari Mokko, Development Director, CLC, +358 40 7513281