Henrik Ehrnrooth, Chairman of the board of CLC and Pöyry, and Anders Wijkman, honorary president, Club of Rome and members of CLC Advisory board have received the Medal of Honor awards at the 20th Energy Globe World Award ceremony in Espoo, the awardee in 2018. The Medal of Honor is awarded for outstanding work and achievements in energy and sustainability. Fortum, ST1, Neste and HSY were winners in the category “Air” with the project: Geothermal energy for the district heating of Espoo and renewable fuels for sustainable transportation. 

The Medal of Honor was awarded to Henrik Ehrnrooth for his lifetime work in sustainability. He is one of the leading global experts in bioeconomy and forestry. Under his leadership, Pöyry PLC has become the leading global energy, forest and forest industry engineering company promoting sustainable solutions. Henrik has chaired CLC for three years and, during this time, CLC has become the largest climate-business network within the EU.

“These awards are a mark of recognition for us all at CLC and our partners. They illustrate that our work matters and is internationally appreciated. I am honored to work with CLC and want to express my congratulations for Anders Wijkman, other CLC awardees and HSY and sincere thanks to all our partners and members who have contributed to the good work we have carried out; we should remember, however, that much of our climate mitigation work is yet to be done. These awards will inspire me and all our members to work harder.” says Henrik Ehrnrooth.

“CLC congratulates CLC awardees and HSY and our chairman, Henrik Ehrnrooth, for his award. Henrik has tirelessly supported us in delivering better results and creating value for our members,” says Jouni Keronen, Chief Executive Officer of CLC.

CLC is the largest climate-business NGO in the EU measured by number of member organizations. Its members include 56 major companies and organizations, whose stock market value is more than half of that of the Helsinki Stock Exchange. The Coalition’s members believe that a profound transition by society towards sustainable consumption habits and economy is not only possible but also economically viable and financeable.

Read Energy Globe Award’s press release.

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