CLC has set up a new network that focuses on employee experience. What does this have to do with climate change, one might ask. Well, quite a lot, actually.

Choices made by individual citizens have a significant impact on greenhouse gas emissions. In Finland households contribute as much as 68 per cent of the national consumption-based carbon footprint. Hence, activating and enabling citizens to make more climate-friendly lifestyle choices is one of CLC’s key focus areas.

And where do we spend a very large portion of our waking hours? At work!

Workplaces play a significant role in shaping up daily routines. Personnel benefits and company policies to do with things such as travel, transport and meals can influence our daily choices in a major way.

Climate change and sustainability also have an increasing impact on employer branding and employee motivation. What’s more, many organisations are looking for ways to manage the often rapid and significant change that climate change is creating in the operating environment.

Most CLC members are big employers – together they employ more than 400 000 people. So there is a lot of impact to be achieved through encouraging this lot to integrate climate thinking into employee experience -related work. We also want to facilitate the sharing of experiences, knowledge and good practices among our members.

The network, chaired by Helen’s SVP for Human Resources Rauha Bato-Liukkonen, met for the first time on 22 March. Corporate culture designer Panu Luukka from Leidenschaft gave an inspiring presentation on corporate culture.

After a lively and thoughtful discussion it was decided that the network will focus on the life cycle of employment relationships from a climate point of view. Each meeting will pinpoint one aspect of the life cycle for closer inspection. Meetings will be hosted by CLC members, who will present cases from their operations. Interesting guest speakers will also be invited, depending on the topic.

The next meeting, focusing on food at the workplace, will be held at IBM in June. Network meetings are open to all personnel at CLC who work with employee experience -related matters. If you would like to participate, please contact Anna Taimisto (anna.taimisto at