The Climate Leadership Coalition (CLC) continues to grow and recently welcomed three new members. YIT, Korkia Group and Ian Dunlop, formerly a senior international oil, gas & coal executive, and Chair of the group which designed the first emissions trading system for Australia, all joined CLC on 29, January 2019.

“Urban development and sustainable cities are at the core of our strategy. In order to strengthen our circular economy based business, we have launched a three-year Green Growth development program. We look forward to the collaboration opportunities and exchange of new ideas with other leading organisations,” said Kari Kauniskangas, President and CEO at YIT.

“We are involved in various sustainable development projects in the role of investor, developer, financier and consultant. For example, the technologies and solutions provided by growth companies that we have established have a global impact on climate change and material efficiency. We hope that our CLC membership will contribute to our sustainable development work and we are pleased to join the extensive network where we can join forces to develop globally more sustainable business activities,” commented Korkia’s Group CEO Pauli Mäenpää.

“After three decades of global inaction, human-induced climate change is now an immediate existential threat to humanity. That is, a threat posing large negative consequences which will be irreversible unless carbon emissions are reduced on an emergency basis. The threat is immediate in that it is being locked in today by our insistence on expanding the use of fossil fuels when the carbon budget to stay below sensible temperature increase limits is already exhausted. I am very pleased that CLC is mobilising companies and other organisations to develop urgent climate mitigation solutions, and I am honoured to join CLC as a personal member,” said Club of Rome member and energy and climate activist Ian Dunlop.

CLC Chairman Henrik Ehrnrooth extended a warm welcome to the new members, noting that “YIT and Korkia will strengthen our competences in low-carbon construction and busines04s development. It is an honour to invite Ian Dunlop as a personal member. In fall 2012 he visited Finland and gave a presentation that was a wake-up call for Finnish businesses. The presentation created the process that ultimately led to the foundation of CLC in 2014.”

At its January meeting, a decision was made by the CLC Board to establish an advisory board tasked with promoting the organisation’s key strategic priorities. Throughout 2019, the advisory board will focus on the EU climate initiativelaunched by CLC and its Nordic partners as well as the related systemic emissions management solution. Pertti Korhonen, inaugural Chair of the CLC Board, was appointed to chair the advisory board. Other members are due to be appointed by summer 2019.

In line with our strategy, 2019 will see us continuing our efforts to develop Nordic and international carbon neutrality projects across the forestry, agriculture, energy and transport sectors and run initiatives to encourage consumers to adopt more climate-friendly decision-making strategies. We will also be working on the development of more effective carbon pricing mechanisms.

For further information, please contact

Jouni Keronen, Executive Director, Climate Leadership Coalition, jouni.keronen(at), tel: +358 50 4534881