The Climate Change Leadership Coalition (CLC), which develops business-led solutions for climate change, marked the start of the new year by welcoming four new members. The City of Pori, Atea Finland, Allen Hershkowitz, Chairman and Founding Director of Sport and Sustainability International and Professor Juhani Eskola, former Director General of Finland’s National Institute for Health and Welfare all joined CLC at the beginning of 2019.

“The City of Pori has set itself a target of cutting emissions by 80% on 2007 levels by 2030. At the end of 2016, the western Finnish city had succeeded in reducing carbon emissions by 32%. We promote actively the circular economy approach within the construction, and manufacturing industries as well as private households and supports and encourages companies in the local region to take action to tackle climate change. Pori is already a member of HINKU, the Finnish carbon neutral municipalities network. We believe that the CLC is ideally set up to identify new ways to reduce carbon emissions, and we are confident it will prove invaluable in helping us to drive forward climate friendly business practices in our area.” says Pori Mayor Aino-Maija Luukkonen.

“Atea is the largest provider of IT infrastructure solutions in the Nordic and Baltic region. We are taking industry-leading steps to minimise the environmental impact of our operations and to promote the recyclability of computer hardware and other materials. We now recycle more than 90% of all IT equipment we handle, with less than 1% of non-recyclable hardware by weight ending up as landfill. As members of CLC, we hope to reduce our carbon footprint further and look forward to using IT-driven strategies to increase the size of our carbon handprint,” commented Juha Sihvonen, Managing Director, Atea Finland.

“To quote Nelson Mandela ‘sport has the power to change the world’. In the United States, almost 80% of the adult population regularly follows sports. Sport is a non-political unifier that can help promote climate literacy and reduce the cultural polarization that limits our ability to effectively mobilise the world in response to the unprecedented threat posed by climate change. I am honored to join CLC and impressed with the active participation by top leaders and the comprehensive approach. I am eager to help CLC in its mission,” said Allen Hershkowitz, PhD, Chairman and Founding Director, Sport and Sustainability International.

“People in Finland and across the world are currently enjoying unprecedented levels of health and wellbeing. While this is a positive long-term development, it has largely been achieved through unbalanced economic growth, often at great cost to the environment. According to the Commission on Health and Climate Change appointed by the highly regarded medical journal The Lancet, climate change now threatens to undermine the past 50 years of gains in public health. It is excellent that such a large group of businesses, local authorities and other organisation have joined forces to develop new strategies for mitigating the effects of climate change. It is a great honour for me to join CLC, and I am delighted to contribute my expertise and professional networks to this very worthy purpose,” commented Professor Juhani Eskola.  

CLC Chairman Henrik Ehrnrooth extended a warm welcome to the new members, noting that “the City of Pori and Atea are an excellent addition to our membership, while Dr Hershkowitz and Professor Eskola’s considerable professional expertise will allow us to expand our activities into new areas”.

In line with our strategy, 2019 will see us continuing our efforts to develop Nordic and international carbon neutrality projects across the forestry, agriculture, energy and transport sectors and run initiatives to encourage consumers to adopt more climate-friendly decision-making strategies. We will also be working on the development of more effective carbon pricing mechanisms.

For further information, please contact

Jouni Keronen, Executive Director, Climate Leadership Coalition, jouni.keronen(at), tel: +358 50 4534881