Climate Leadership Coalition joins EIT Climate-KIC, the European knowledge and innovation community, working towards a prosperous, inclusive, climate-resilient society founded on a circular, zero-carbon economy. EIT Climate KIC has incubated over 1000 climate positive companies, which have raised over 650 million euros external capital and created over 2200 jobs. Currently EIT Climate KIC has 313 partners.

– CLC is pleased to join forces with EIT Climate KIC. The innovation community and large amount of Climate KIC start-ups will create many value creation opportunities for CLC and our members, says Henrik Ehnrooth, Chairman of the Board of CLC.

– Climate change is getting worse day by day and we need to escalate its mitigation significantly. I am happy to see, how two capable organizations, CLC and EIT Climate KIC, both developing solutions for climate change will start to work together. I believe this is a “perfect marriage” as EIT Climate KIC is working with innovation, education and start-ups and CLC with major industries and cities. They complement each other by many ways, says Anders Wijkman, Chairman of the EIT Climate KIC Board and also a member of CLC.

– Start-ups need partners for pilots, capital and other support for growth and larger players need innovations. We believe that a strategic partnership with CLC and EIT Climate KIC will open door for getting many climate solutions to market faster, says both Kirsten Dunlop, CEO of EIT Climate-KIC, and Jouni Keronen, Executive Director, Climate Leadership Coalition.



Jouni Keronen, Executive Director, Climate Leadership Coalition, tel. +358 50 4534881


Susanne Pedersen, Managing Director, Climate-KIC Nordic, tel. +45 21 53 2235 email