Climate Leadership Coalition has approved two new organisational members: Pöyry and SYKE – Finnish Environment Institute and Anneli Pauli for a personal member. CLC has now 50 organisational members. The network develops business models to mitigate the effects of climate change.

– Pöyry, celebrating its 60th birthday this year, has been advising major clients and stakeholders especially on forest, water and renewable energy and materials. Through CLC and its network, we will further increase our competences and I believe that we can also add value to CLC projects and initiatives, says Martin à Porta, president and CEO of Pöyry PLC.

– Transition into a sustainable bio- and circular economy is one of the key themes of SYKE. We also coordinate the Hinku Forum. CLC network offers us a good opportunity to further strengthen our networks and impact in climate mitigation, says Lea Kauppi, Director General of Finnish Environment Institute – SYKE.

– I have followed the CLC activities from the very beginning. The CLC has been successful in bringing together businesses, universities and research institutes, cities and other parties and created unique collaboration between them. I will do my best to support CLC in developing climate related research, innovation and policy issues, says Anneli Pauli, former Senior Advisor to the Director General for DG Climate and Deputy Director- General in DG “Research as Innovation” and in the Joint Research Centre.

Mikko Kosonen, the Vice-Chairman of the CLC board, welcomes warmly the new members.

– CLC has grown in four years from seven founding members to a network of 50 organizations and attracted also several distinguished individual members. This shows that our mission is important and timely. The recent initiative with Nordic partners illustrated that we are desired partner also in international initiatives and we have more opportunities for impactful climate actions.

According to its strategy 2018, CLC will focus on developing and implementing international and Nordic solutions for carbon pricing, forestry, agriculture, energy and transportation. In addition it aims to activate citizens to make climate friendly choices in everyday life.


Climate Leadership Coalition, CEO Jouni Keronen,, Tel. +358 50 4534881